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Author: joybucket
Created: February 21, 2018
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Take me away.

Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been to Africa?
Have you ever had photos taken of you when you were dressed as a fairy?
Do you own fairy wings?
Do you own a flower crown?
Do you own a sweater vest?
Do you like anything old-school?
Do you like crossword puzzles?
Do you like African music?
Do you like bluegrass gospel music?
Do you like instrumental music?
What site do you use to discover new music?
Do you make use of the library often?
What's your favorite book genre?
Have you accepted that you're all alone?
Do you ever write letters to someone and then not send them?
Is your journal falling apart?
Do you own a Bible that's falling apart?
Have you ever squished a bug in a library book?
Have you ever got caught in the rain with a library book?
Have you ever had your bag stolen at the beach?
Do you skip over survey questions you don't like?
Do you have to take any vitamins because you're deficient in them?
What's the most recent thing you've been treated for by a doctor?
Have you ever had an allergic reaction to something?
What color is your recliner, if you have one?