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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: February 21, 2018
Taken: 49 times
Rated: G

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Seasonal Have You Ever

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 49 times on Bzoink
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Gone skiing
Gone snowboarding
Gone sledding
Gone iceskating
Built a snowman
Built a snow angel
Caught a snowflake on your tongue
Built an igloo
Built a snow maze
Participated in a snowball fight
Made paper snowflakes
Baked Christmas cookies
Drank eggnog
Drank hot chocolate with peppermint or a peppermint mocha
Sat in front of a fireplace
Made s'mores
Worn Christmas pajamas
Celebrated Christmas
Believed in Santa
Worn mittens
Worn gloves
Worn a scarf
Worn snow boots
Worn a beanie or some kind of snow hat
Seen snow falling
Played hockey
Decorated your house with lights
Decorated a Christmas tree
Celebrated Hanukkah
Celebrated Kwanzaa
Played dreidel
Eaten a latke
Lit a menorah
Gone to a holiday party
Put up a wreath
Made a gingerbread house
Made a gingerbread man
Seen the movie Elf
Listened to Christmas music at home/in the car
Had a superbowl party
Celebrated Valentines Day with a Valentine
Worn green on St. Patrick's Day
Gone to a New Year's Eve party
Made a New Year's resolution and achieved it
Gone to your county/state fair
Gone camping
Gone hiking
Celebrated Easter
Went on an Easter egg hunt
Received an Easter basket
Painted Easter eggs
Gone to church on Easter
Celebrated Passover/Pesach
Been to a Passover seder
Eaten matzah
Eaten matzah ball soup
Eaten gefilte fish
Taken a bike ride
Been skateboarding
Been roller skating
Gone miniature golfing
Gone actual golfing
Been on a ferris wheel
Been on a carousel
Been on a roller coaster
Planted a garden
Had a picnic
Gone for a jog/run
Played softball/baseball
Gone horseback riding
Visited a farm
Visited a zoo
Found a four leaf clover
Seen a rainbow
Been to an aquarium
Been to a museum
Climbed a tree
Drawn on the sidewalk with chalk
Eaten Peeps
Eaten a chocolate bunny
Eaten chocolate Easter eggs
Pet a bunny
Used an umbrella
Believed in the Easter bunny
Celebrated Purim
Watched The Prince of Egypt
Microwaved a Peep
Pet a chick [baby chicken]
Gone to a pumpking patch
Ridden on a hayride
Been in a corn maze
Been in a hot air balloon
Collected Fall leaves
Jumped in a pile of leaves
Eaten a candy apple
Bobbed for apples
Eaten butternut squash soup
Eaten butternut squash ravioli
Drank apple cider
Drank a pumpkin spiced latte
Drank a pumpkin spiced frappaccino
Eaten pumpkin bread
Eaten stuffed squash
Carved a pumpkin
Drew faces on Pumpkins
Worn a Halloween costume
Made your own Halloween costume
Bought an expensive costume from the store
Been to a Halloween store
Been to a haunted house
Been on the Haunted Mansion ride at a Disney Park
Seen the movie The Haunted Mansion
Seen the movie Halloweenteen
Watched horror/scary movies on Halloween
Celebrated/gone to Oktoberfest
Thrown a Halloween party
Gone trick or treating
Given out candy to trick or treaters
Dressed up as an animal
Dressed up as a Disney character
Dressed up as a Harry Potter character
Dressed up as a princess
Dressed up as a gypsy
Dressed up in Reniassance attire
Dressed up as a witch
Dressed up as a fairy
Dressed up as a superhero
Dressed up as an anime character
Dressed up as a Pokemon character
Dressed up as a mermaid
Dressed up as a vampire
Dressed up as a ninja
Hosted a Thanksgiving dinner
Watched the Macy's Parade
Knit something
Built a bonfire
Collected pine cones
Played soccer
Eaten pumpkin pie
Eaten stuffing
Eaten cranberry sauce
Decorated for Halloween
Gone to a drive-in movie theatre
Walked on a boardwalk
Gone to a beach
Collected shells on a beach
Built a sandcastle
Gone swimming in the ocean
Seen fireflies
Bought icecream from an icecream truck
Eaten a snowcone
Made your own lemonade or orange juice
Celebrated 4th of July
Watched fireworks
Set off fireworks
Had a barbecue
Napped in a hammock
Stargazed while laying in the grass
Watched a sunset on the beach
Swam in a lake
Gone to an outdoor concert
Gone to a music festival
Picked flowers
Played tennis
Tossed a frisbee
Gone kayaking or canoeing
Gone on a vacation to a different country
Gone on a vacation to a different continent
Gone on a vacation to a different state
Been to Disneyland or Disneyworld
Been to Universal Studios
Been to Sea World
Slept with the windows open
Gone to a baseball game
One more question
What is your favorite season?