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Author: softballshortiex
Created: February 25, 2018
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

I'm making this bc it's fuckin 2018

Created by softballshortiex and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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I'm here making another survey bc this shit is FUNNY
outer space or oceans (what lurks beneath the surface...)
do you like the smell of nail polish
is there a stack of books by your bed
do you remember your locker combination from high school
is there a candle in your living room and is it burning?
can you believe that it is 2018?? i can't
where do ppl post these surveys nowadays? not myspace
will you post this somewhere or just keep it answered on this profile
i am so amused like pls tell me. what age are you? who is my audience???
you on all social media platforms
have you had an internship
are you sucked into ao3? started from the bottom(quizazz) now we here (ao3)
this is so much harder than i thought like i just wanna talk to someone
about this site's prime... aka like 2007?
anyone have that emo hair anymore or just emo in music taste (me too)
did you get snapchat when it first came out
are you into carhart
you still use on demand? or are you into like hulu and netflix
are you into anime? shit literally sucked me in again i thought i was #free
was your first dragon ball z or naruto bc it was one of them or bleach
the Gateway Anime
ok nah but seriously... you iphone or android?
have you ever seen team america: world police because if not, do it
have you ever been scarred by a movie? if so, don't watch team america
wow i can't do this anymore... i hope you're all treated fairly
and doing things that enforce equality bc the world fucking sucks