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Author: emptyspaces
Created: March 3, 2018
Taken: 34 times
Rated: G

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Things won't get better unless you make them better

Created by emptyspaces and taken 34 times on Bzoink
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^^ Do you agree with the quote in the survey title?
How many windows are on the front of your house?
What common problem have you never experienced?
Alternatively, what's an uncommon problem you have experienced?
Do you know anyone who opposes marriage equality?
Are you an early riser or a night owl?
What was the last thing you got really emotional about?
What's the longest amount of time you've been ill for?
What's your cure for hiccups?
Who is your closest male friend?
Do you track your spending?
Are you addicted to anything?
What was your life like 5 years ago? Where were you living, working, etc?
Have you ever let a mental health issue go untreated?
Do you know anyone who hunts for meat?
Have you ever lived with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What do you wash dishes with? Sponge, scrub brush, rag, something else?
Is there anything you prefer to do the old-fashioned way?
How old were you when your parents first let you have a TV in your room?
Are you more practical or creative?
Have you ever seen Requiem For A Dream?
Do you put your glasses and mugs right side up or upside down on...
the cabinet shelf?
Are you planning to make any big purchases soon? Like what? For how much?
Are you a recent university grad?
What changes to the environment/climate have you noticed in your lifetime?
Do you own any power tools?
How old were you when you first flew on a plane?
Does everyone in your family get along with each other?
What did you have for dinner last night?
What was the worst part of your childhood?
What grocery items do you buy the most frequently?
Have you ever seen a high school relationship last long-term? (like 10+yrs)
Do you know any cancer survivors?
What color is your bed frame?
How old were you when you first started dating?
What's the highest-level science course you've taken?
Have you ever had something stolen from you?
Leftover pizza for breakfast... yay or nay?
Do you personally know anyone who's a psychopath or sociopath?
What is your most used kitchen appliance?
(other than the fridge, that's technically always in use)