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Author: emptyspaces
Created: March 10, 2018
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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Questions from A to Z

Created by emptyspaces and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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- A -
What has been your greatest Accomplishment?
Does your house have an Attic?
- B -
What is/was your Best subject in school?
What's your favorite dog Breed?
- C -
Do you regularly drink Coffee?
How many Children do you want?
- D -
When are you due for your next Dental checkup?
What kind of car do you Drive?
- E -
Are you an Extrovert?
What's your favorite form of Exercise?
- F -
How Far away do you live from your best friend?
Have you ever had a Full-time job?
- G -
Where did you last buy Groceries from?
Do you believe there is a God?
- H -
What's something that made you Happy today?
When was the last time you stayed in a Hotel?
- I -
Do you like Indian food?
Have you ever slipped and fell on Ice?
- J -
What has been your favorite Job you've had so far?
What Jewelry did you wear yesterday?
- K -
How many people can sit at your Kitchen table?
What's a topic you're Knowledgable in?
- L -
Where do you Live?
How many people have you Loved romantically?
- M -
Are you good with managing and saving Money?
What was the last Museum you went to?
- N -
Do you have loud Neighbors?
What's one of your most Noticeable qualities?
- O -
What's something you have a very strong Opinion on?
What's your favorite Outdoor activity?
- P -
Did you pull a Prank last April Fools Day?
What was the cause of the last physical Pain you felt?
- Q -
Have you ever been to Quebec?
What's your favorite Quote?
- R -
What's the longest Relationship you've been in?
Have you ever worked in Retail?
- S -
Do you feel Safe walking around your neighborhood at night?
When was the last time you woke up before Sunrise?
- T -
Do you think you would enjoy being a Teacher?
What was the last thing you bought Tickets for?
- U -
What is something about you that's Unusual?
Do you live in an Urban area?
- V -
What's your favorite Vegetable?
Do you know anyone who gets Violent when they're angry?
- W -
What do you keep in your Wallet?
What's your favorite kind of Weather?
- X -
What parts of your body have you had X-rayed?
Which X-Men character is your favorite?
- Y -
What Year were you born?
What did you do Yesterday?
- Z -
What was the last Zoo you went to?
Is there a Zipper on any of the clothes you're wearing?
~ The End ~ Thanks for taking :)