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Author: joybucket
Created: March 12, 2018
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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You've had an allergic reaction and had to use an epi pen.
You've accepted that you're all alone in the world.
You wish you weren't all alone in the world, and some days it's hard.
You love feeling warm and cozy in your pajamas and slippers.
You love drinking tea.
You are a singer, dancer, musician, artist, or writer.
You believe in truth, freedom, and love.
You own and use a Snuggie.
You like to take baths.
You love mornings.
You aren't superstitious.
You read a lot of books.
You have Christmas lights in your room.
You have played House inside a huge cardboard box.
You feel like your free will was stolen from you.
You feel like a huge part of your life was stolen from you.
You're mad at someone, but you rely on God's grace to get by.
You have hormone issues.
Your hands get red and dry and sometimes bleed in the winter.
You like to paint your nails different colors.
You enjoy crossword puzzles.
You've hallucinated before.
You've had a seizure.
You've stayed overnight in the hospital.
You've had an asthma attack.
You've had your wisdom teeth taken out.
You've had your tonsils taken out.
You want a Bohemian-style wedding.
You want to get married outdoors.
You know someone who is deathly allergic to nuts.
You've met someone named Ferdinand.
You like the name Bianca.
You like the name Skylar.
You have been kicked out of class.
You didn't celebrate Valentine's Day this year.
You've missed a holiday because you were sick.
You always wear green on St. Patrick's Day.
You are part Irish.
Your last name is of English origin.
You've had a friend turn on you and become a villain.
You like to chew gum.
You have to use an inhaler.
You can't stand to be around cigarette smoke.
You hate the smell of coffee.
You hate pickles.
You don't own a TV.
You like bluegrass music.
You have had horrific cramps that made you throw up.
You have a stuffed animal collection.
You have a rock collection.
You are thinking of starting a collection.
You worry sometimes about not having enough.
You have worried about becoming homeless.
You have been homeless.
You write in a journal regularly.
You like Paramore.
You've recently read a trashy novel.
You like to write in cursive.
You have neat handwriting and really enjoy how writing feels.
You think jeggings are super comfy.
You have ripped your pants in public.
You have ripped your pants at home when no one saw.
You have slipped and fallen on the ice.
You have environmental allergies.
You like both cats and dogs.
You think some animals are disgusting and ugly.
You are afraid of big dogs.
You have a favorite picture of yourself, and it's framed.
You have a significant health problem.
You have had your IgE levels tested and found they were high.
You have donated blood.
You are the same height and weight as your mom.
You have gained weight from a medication.
You love seafood.
You love sushi.
You love the outdoors and wish you could go camping and hiking more.
You have gotten hives after touching stinging nettle.
You like to put different spices in your smoothies.
You use Turmeric as a pain reliever or anti-histamine.
You have acid reflux.
You have long hair.
You think you are attractive.
You have been socially awkward before.
You like being an adult better than being a kid.
You enjoy growing older.
You don't own a car and wish you did.
You've been abused.
You wear glasses or contacts.
You are on birth control.
You still wear clothes from the children's section sometimes.
You like cheetah print.
You still like boy bands.
You were a 90's kid.
You grew up on Nickelodeon.
You have been to Disney World.
You have a significant other.
People have called you unique.
You've been told you are gifted.
You've been called a free spirit.
You've had a crush on a teacher.
You use a computer regularly.
You check your facebook daily.
You don't use Twitter.
You don't have an iphone.
You first crush was a woman.
You read a devotional every morning.
You enjoy sunrises.
You enjoy sunsets.
You enjoy exercising.
You would feel uncomfortable posting a pic of yourself in workout clothes.
You like trees.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You like the company Natural Life.
You use Stevia.
You like honey.
You have had a bad ear infection before.
You have had high fevers.
You have been to an allergist.
You fear things that have happened before happening again.
You wish life weren't so dangerous and risky.