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Author: freakshow666
Created: March 25, 2018
Taken: 41 times
Rated: PG

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stop it, patrick, you're scaring him

Created by freakshow666 and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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What is one band that you love but other people hate?
Are you ever embarrassed to play your favorite music around your friends?
Last alcoholic beverage you had?
Have you ever woke up with weird marks on your hands/arms?
Worst place to have a mosquito bite?
Favorite kind of seafood?
What's one thing you wish you were good at but are definitely not?
Favorite store to browse but not really buy anything?
What's your heritage?
Are you sure about that?
Skittles or Sour Patch Kids?
If you could get any facial piercing, what would it be?
If tattoos were free, how many would you have?
Do you wear a retainer at night?
Glow in the dark or neon?
Worst thing somebody ever said to you when you were a child?
Favorite bass player?
Are you afraid of dolls, puppets, or clowns?
Tell me something controversial, brave, and TRUE.
Are you into politics?
What is one thing you're totally submerged in?
Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network?
Disney or PBS?
Vodka or whiskey?
Would you rather have mommy issues or daddy issues?
What's something you really adore about yourself?
When you're in your room, do you keep the door locked?
When you look out your bedroom window, what do you see?
Are you more goofy or serious?
Do you make fun of yourself a lot?
Do you say 'like' a lot when you talk?
What kind of accent would you say you have?
Do you think your face is mostly symmetrical?
What's a strange talent you have?
Stupidest thing you have ever said out loud?
What is your initial reaction to embarrassment?
Are your fingers long, short, normal?
What's a ridiculous song that you actually enjoy?
Do you smile by showing teeth or is it tight-lipped?
If your epitaph was shortened to one word, what would it be?
Who pissed you off last?
How did you handle that?
How do you feel about your idols getting older?
Do you play sports? If so, what inspires you to?
Watch David Firth on YouTube. (not Salad Fingers). What do you think?