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Author: skia
Created: March 27, 2018
Taken: 88 times
Rated: PG

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are we alike  

Are we Alike part 2

Created by skia and taken 88 times on Bzoink
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Just type "x" or True/false or whatever you want that applies to you
You have an Iphone 6s
You used to have an android but you switched over to apple and dont regret
You have 2 cats
You love leggings
You like high tops/sneakers over flats/heels
But you still love heels
You work out every morning around 6:30 am
You are currently in college
You're not really happy with life
Youre struggling to find a job
You have a Fiance
You are born in the winter months
You think Christmas is just a commerical holiday now
You own over 4 different types of converse
You get headaches a lot
You have dark brown hair
You have natural curls
Youre short (under 5'3)
when you were a kid you were considered a
but now you're pretty girly
You LOVE online shopping
You play video games pretty much every day
You text every day
but you hate it when people leave you on
You're a Sagittarius
You're trying to eat healthy more
Youve been in a relationship for over 2 years
You love The Sims
You smoke weed sometimes
You get upset over dumb things
You got hit by a car when you were a child
You were only bullied for a short amout of time
You had a large group of friends during school
You are self conscious over your body
You believe in God but youre not entirely sure
You have stopped talking to most of your family
You are now strangers with someone you once called your best friend
You love Wolves
You like swimming but you hate deep water
You're not a virgin
You are in love with someone
Yelling makes you very anxious
You were/are being abused
You say "Im sorry a lot"
Youve been to Disneyland Cali
You used to self harm
You hate driving when youre not comfortable with the roads
You have a decent relationship with your Mom
You take surveys because youre bored
You exercise daily
You like to take selfies
You spend a little too much on make up products
Your bed is a queen
You own a TV that is 55"
You're swedish
You knew someone who has died of cancer
You give money to the homeless whenever you can
You have had more than 10 k in your savings account at some point
You drive a car that is older than 2010
You love to draw
You post your artwork online
You used to have a myspace
You have online friends who you are very close with despite distance
You dont like pasta
you have an inhaler
You have to take medication daily
You get uncomfortable at party situations if you dont know many of the ppl
This Is Us is one of your fav Tv dramas
You met your SO on a dating app
You are more of a talker than a listener
You're straight but you have questioned your sexuality before
If you had more money you would travel
You love cats but dogs are awesome too
You watch Youtube more than Netflix/tv
You were sexually assaulted when you were 19
Your ex best friend has hurt you in so many ways
You forgive people when you shouldn't
Your ex sometimes still harasses you
You hate when your phone is below 50%
You hate gassing up your car
You're not a picky eater
You have cried yourself to sleep
You cringe at your old posts on fb/myspace/twitter/etc
Your tastes in clothing are changing
You spend too much money on food
You are loved but sometimes you don't feel like it
You want more peace in your life
Your father was a great father
You wish you could dance