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Author: joybucket
Created: June 9, 2018
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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When you say yeah, I say no...

Created by joybucket and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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What was the last thing you painted?
What is bothering you right now?
If something has taken the magic out of life for you, what is it?
Are you an artist?
Are you who you want to be?
Who has been harassing you lately?
What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Do you ever dance in the rain?
Do you like thunderstorms?
How are you feeling today?
What is your favorite book series?
Do you have a mother you can talk to about anything?
Do you have a youtube channel? If so, what is it?
Did your mom teach you how to do make-up and hairstyles, or did you ...
..figure it out on your own?
Do you watch Liv and Maddie?
Which stereotype do you fit the most?
Do you have any dreams that you have set aside?
Have you been through trauma?
Do you pig out on sweets when you're stressed?
Are you a morning or night person?
What's your favorite summer hairstyle?
Do you ever use your hairbrush as a microphone?
If you had three daughters, what would you name them?
Would you rather have all girls or all boys?
What is your favorite unisex name?
Do you make smoothies?
What's your favorite magazine?
Do you feel you have a family?
Who is your favorite member of your family?
Who do you miss?
Who's your favorite Disney princess?
What fairytale can you relate to the most?