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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: June 27, 2018
Taken: 33 times
Rated: PG

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Are You Like My Friends? 2.0

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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You love to read
You are vegan
You're a major hippie
You listen to death metal, hardcore, ska, and instrumental stuff
You like hiking and outdoorsy stuff
You are an animal rights activist
You can be really weird [in a good way]
You have three dogs
You have at least one adopted sibling
You are atheist
You don't consider yourself to be a Democrat OR a Republican
You don't want biological children, only adopted
You want to move away from where you're currently living
You mainly watch horror films, foreign films, and indie films
You are Indian
You love K-Pop
You also love R&B music
You are a nursing student
You still share a room with a sibling
You have a cat
You have/had over 40,000 YouTube subs
You gave up on your YouTube channel
You have been very depressed lately
You don't get along with your father
You are very short
You had/have hair that's grown past your knees
You are still a virgin
You hate Mexican food
You have curly hair
You like to invent things
You're a hipster
You love going into abandoned buildings
You love thrift stores
You drink a lot
You live in a trailer
You prefer to live in very small spaces
You're very good at fixing things
You're good at lockpicking/getting on top of buildings
You have a girlfriend
You used to think you were asexual
You overanalyze everything
You've been married before
You went to beauty school
You are now a lash artist
You smoke a ton of weed
You have a medical card
You have tattoos and piercings
You are engaged
You can be really funny
You can be really bitchy
You can be really ditzy
You have a slight learning disability
You've gotten arrested before
You are a really good cook
You've recently become vegan
You have three cats
You have a daughter
You are not with your daughter's other parent anymore
You are a drummer
You also sing and play guitar
You're always joking about everything
You beatbox
You haven't had a job for a while
You never graduated high school or got a GED
You are always changing your hairstyle
You have a ton of siblings
Your father is dating someone you don't like
You have a catchphrase
You have very tan skin
You like to be in multiple bands at once
You dye your hair an orangey red color
You've struggled with eating disorders
You've struggled with being suicidal
You've gone to treatment for these issues
You talk about your boyfriend a lot
You like playing Pokemon Go
You like bands like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy
You try to wear makeup sometimes, but don't feel like you're great at it
You always think you're too fat
You movies and film
You work at a movie theatre
You love Disney
You've worked at the Disney store [or a Disney park]
You love MARVEL
You dye your hair red
You love singing
You are very skinny
You always feel unhealthy
You play the piano
You play flute
You're good at drawing
You make YouTube videos
You play The Sims 4
You're very liberal
You live alone
You're Jewish
Okay, so here it goes
Who are you most like?