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Author: joybucket
Created: June 30, 2018
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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Who are you most like--me or one of my former friends?

Created by joybucket and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Names have been changed, but I kept the first letter the same.
Your favorite color is blue.
You're very extraverted and outgoing.
You're romantic.
You play guitar and sing.
You have light blonde hair.
You have a little sister.
You've traveled around the country.
You wear glasses.
You enjoy music, choir, and band.
You've had many boyfriends.
You're Episcopalian.
You want to work with people.
You have a golden retriever.
You get jealous of people who have it worse than you.
You're extremely selfish and spoiled.
You can turn on someone in an instant.
You don't care about people; you only care about social status and money.
You love to decorate.
You love to garden.
You collect antiques.
You love to look at beautiful things.
You complain a lot and don't appreciate what you have.
You push away those who love you most and refuse to let anyone help you.
You're depressed and suicidal.
You bully others to make yourself feel better. You want to feel superior.
You think you're entitled.
You are mean to people who are less fortunate than you.
You do nothing to pay it forward, even though you've had tons of things..
...just handed to you without earning them or having to work for them.
You blame everyone else for your problems.
You think you are worth more than others, even though u can't give a...
...reason as to why.
You yell at people for no reason.
You'd rather kill yourself than be a decent person, admit you feel guilty..
.., and apologize to the people you've hurt.
You've turned from an angel into a demon overnight.
You're a really selfish, mean-spirited person.
You lie often, cancel plans and disappoint people.
You are verbally abusive, mean and hostile.
You have no respect for people who are a lower social class than you.
You think you deserve more than others, but can't give a reason as to why.
You think you should be able to whatever you want and hav no responsibility
You'd murder someone if it meant you could get more money.
You'd kill yourself if you lost your mansion, even though you have people..
...who love and care about you.
You hate the people who love you most.
When you do something wrong and feel guilty, you get angry at the person ..
..you wronged and accuse them of making you feel guilty.
You're a selfish, entitled, spoiled bitch.
You've committed a crime but no legal action was taken for it.
You deserve to be in jail or be dead, but still you have a mansion and...
..are rich and aren't happy with what you have.
You think you can do whatever you want, even if that includes bullying an..
...innocent person to suicide for no reason, and that you'll still go to...
You believe whatever you want and if someone tells you something you..
...don't want to hear, you call them a liar.
You hurt the person who cares about you most, and you don't care.
You lost all respect for your best friend when she tried to help you.
...and you never apologized.
...and you'd rather kill yourself than apologize.
You're a mean, filthy, rotten, spoiled person, but no one would guess it...
...by the way you look or the show you put on.
You only respect rich people whom you want to like you and whom you hope...
...will give you money.
If someone can't give you money, you don't care about them.
You spend all your time with your abusive husband.
You're a jerk who deserves to be dead.
You've stolen a lot from people, and you still think you're entitled.
You think you should have a right to steal and do whatever you want but...
...that others shouldn't even have a right to live.
No one is allowed to express their emotions around you, or you beat them.
You never take responsibility for your actions and never apologize.
You create problems so you can complain and make people feel sorry for you.
You're very irresponsible with money and with everything.
You have ADHD but don't realize it. In your eyes, you're perfect and...
..everybody else is messed up.
You think you're worth more than everybody else.
Since your parent loved you, you think you're more valuable than those..
...who don't have loving parents.
You think everything that happened to you is worse than anything that's...
...happened to anyone else.
You have no reason complain, yet you do.
You haven no real problems, except that you're mean to people.
I could go on and on, but I'll stop now.
You like fairies.
You are poor.
You have medium blonde hair.
Your sister is a redhead.
You live with a guy, but you aren't dating.
You're dyslexic.
You're good at sculpture and singing.
You ran track.
You play the saxophone.
You grew up having keggers at your house.
You got drunk for the first time in college.
You were in a sorority.
You switched your major from Choir to Art.
You're pretty.
You have blue eyes.
You're self-righteous and mean.
You're extremely religious and very naive.
You're stuck-up.
You love horses.
You've worked as a supervisor.
You don't take your talents seriously.
You only care about social status, not about doing what's right or about..
..how you treat other people.
You think you're superior.
Your mom had a brain aneurysm.
Your parents are divorced.
You married the first guy who wanted to marry you.
You're tall.
You're very legalistic, but you'll get mad at anyone who points it out to u
You go to church but you treat others very rudely.
You want to be on top, and you'll try to kill anyone you see as competition
You're very competitive and always have to be on top. You can't see...
..anyone as an equal.
You're very naive.
You're a jerk.
You have a lot of talents but aren't doing anything with them.
You only go to church to be liked by others.
You're immature.
You're a coward. You'd join a group of bullies rather than stand up for a..
You like frogs.
You like the colors green and red.
You married your high school sweetheart.
You like to dye your hair wild colors.
Your mom, sister, and brother have all had cancer.
You've worked for the American Cancer Society.
You've been a Relay for Life team captain.
You've been in gospel choir.
You are a health nut.
You have endometriosis.
You like to run.
You're artistic.
You've been underweight.
You've been to Cambodia.
You have dark brown curly hair.
You love in your state's capital city.
You work a full-time job.
You got married in the summer.
You want to adopt.
You moved into a house with a swimming pool.
You have a degree.
You like dolphins.
Your favorite color is purple.
You're a spoiled brat.
You like to ride bikes and play outside.
You have a little sister.
You have dark red hair.
You ran cross country.
You want to be a teacher.
You're tall.
You want to be on Broadway, but you're not even that good.
You lie a lot.
You lie and pretend you have more money that you do.
You have a bedroom with a connected bathroom.
You have the woods in your backyard.
You lie to your parents and try to take advantage of them.
You have dirty medium brown hair.
You have two brothers.
You like bright colors.
You like to dance and sing.
You're spiritual.
You love the outdoors.
You love exercise.
You're asexual.
You're disorganized.
You've had a very hard life.
You've had a lot stolen from you and been treated very poorly.
You don't deserve to be lower class, but you are.
You are creative.
You love art and writing.
You are very caring and generous and loyal.
You're a good friend.
You care about others.
You love church.
Your room is very colorful.
You want to go to Europe.
You want to visit a big city.
You'd like to live in a big city.
You like to read.
You have very neat handwriting.
You're optimistic.
You've had the joy knocked out of you.
Your parents are abusive.
You're all alone in the world.
You have big dreams.
You are struggling to survive.
You have some health issues.
You are disabled.
You've been suicidal.
You're an adventurer.
You make youtube videos. (Msg me if you're interested in my channel!)
You like taking pictures.
Your favorite foods are mac and cheese and sushi.
You love tea.
You've been called a free spirit.
You're unique.
Ok, I know this wasn't even, but who do you think you are most like?