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Author: joybucket
Created: August 5, 2018
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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A survey for you

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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What is your current favorite song?
Do you develop severe withdrawal symptoms when you're weening off medicine?
What are three of your favorite songs to sing?
Have you been outside today?
If you had to move to another country, where would you move?
How many pairs of Lularoe leggings do you own?
Do you have a positive or negative opinion of Lularoe?
Do you own any Lularoe clothing?
What color are your Converse?
What color is your laptop?
What electronic gadget would you like to get next that u don't already have
Do you take a lot of pictures?
What is your favorite ride at the fair?
Have you ever made sand art at the fair?
Would you ever marry someone who was lower class?
Do you have an afghan?
What color is your recliner?
Do you have a balcony?
Who do you write letters to the most?
Do you share your diary with anyone, or does no one ever read it but you?
Are you jealous of anyone, even mildly? If so, who?
What color are your favorite shorts?
Is there a guy you wish you hadn't let slip away?
Favorite magazine?
Have you ever done a craft you saw in a magazine?
Have you ever made a recipe you found in a magazine?
Have you ever written to an advice columnist?
Do you think you would make a good advice columnist?
Which do you prefer: English or math?
What color shirt brings out the color in your eyes?
Which store do you want to win a shopping spree at? Pick up to 3.
Are you jealous of someone who has more money than you?
What color is your teddy bear?
Who is a singer that has given you chills?
Do you watch America's Got Talent?
Do you think you could win America's Got Talent?
What act would you perform in a talent show?
What area are you the most gifted in, do you think?
Have you ever practiced yoga?
Do you find handstands scary?
Do you think babies are cute or scary?
What is your favorite thing to buy at the Farmer's Market?
Do you eat dessert every day?
Do you get carsickness?
What color is the rim of your full-length mirror?
Who do you have a crush on at the moment?
Did your Barbies get crushes on each other and go on dates?
Did you ever play church with your dolls?
What was the name of your first imaginary friend?
What is your state's bird (if you live in the US)?
Which style of wedding dress is your favorite?
What's a good boy's name that starts with the same letter as yours?
Have you ever wondered what "Better in Stereo" means?
Do you sing into your hairbrush?
Green or red?
Forgiveness or revenge?
Do you wish on stars?
Do you enjoy editing videos?
Do you enjoy editing photos?
What photo editing site do you use, if any?
Do you have photoshop?
Do you use iMovie?
What is something you enjoy doing?
Do you pray a lot?
Do you cry out to God in desperation frequently?
Does your make-up stay on when you cry?
Do you want to be friends with someone who doesn't feel the same?
Were your favorite celebrities when you were growing up the same age as you
If you had a twin sister, what would she be named?
What is your birth order in the family?
If you gave birth, do you think you would want it filmed?
Are you a woman?
Do you have too much clutter?
Have you ever been to a counselor, and if yes, was it a good experience?
Do you think it's better to talk to a counselor or talk to a friend?
What is one thing you are really good at?
What did you go to college for?
Do you want to go back to school for something else? If yes, what?
What would your dream job be?
Are you happy today?
Favorite emoji?
Best word to describe you?
Is your life a nightmare or a dream come true?