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Author: joybucket
Created: August 8, 2018
Taken: 15 times
Rated: G

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Wishful Wednesday

Created by joybucket and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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What is the newest hobby you've started?
What is the last thing you won in a contest?
...and what was it that you won the prize for?
Are you subscribed to a lot of youtube videos?
What are your favorite types of videos to watch on youtube?
Are you hurt by someone right now?
What is the last book you read or what are you currently reading?
What is your current favorite song?
Are you a youtuber? (msg me if you're interested in exchanging links)
If so, how long have you been a youtuber?
Do you feel like your dream job is out of your reach?
Your first crush: name, hair color, and where did you meet them?
Have you ever changed yourself to try to impress someone?
What is your favorite unisex name?
Are you happy with the gender you were born with?
What was your favorite dress-up day of Homecoming Week?
Where do you buy art supplies?
Would you rather be a musician or a painter?
What do you think you are MOST talented at?
Do people tell you you are a good singer?
Would you ever audition for American Idol?
...or America's Got Talent?
Who is your favorite judge on America's Got Talent?
...on American Idol?
What's something that comes naturally to you?
Do you prefer to sleep outside or inside?
Are you drawn to the same colors as you were when you were a kid?
What do you want to be for Halloween this year?
Do you have any plans for you next birthday yet?
How old will you be turning next?
Can you dance?
Are you jealous of anyone?
What is your favorite way to express your creativity?
Do you feel heard? loved? cared about? valued?
Has anyone ever bullied you because they were jealous of you?
Is there a guy who likes you that you have no interested in?
Would you ever marry a guy who wasn't able to support you?
Do you shop at Goodwill?
What is your opinion on thrift stores?
Would you rather travel to Asia or Africa?
Would you rather travel to Europe or Asia?
If you were a planet, which one would you be?
Seashell hunting or stargazing?
Do you play Truth or Dare?
Would you ever make a Truth or Dare youtube challenge video?
What do you think I should do in my next youtube video?
What's different about you? What's unique?
How many windows are in your apartment or house?
Do people call you unique?
Would you rather be unique or fit in?
Were your ancestors rich or poor?
If you live in the US, where did your ancestors immigrate from?
Does the sunlight come in through your window?
What is your favorite brand of flavored water?
What color shirt are you wearing?
What time of the day is it now?
Do you know who you want to be the bridesmaids in your wedding?
Have you had good luck in your love life?
Have you had a prayer answered recently?
What was the last thing that made you cry?
What is the biggest problem in your life right now?
Are you happy with your doctor?
Are you considering switching doctors?
Do you trust your doctor?
Unicorns or mermaids?
Fairies or pheonixes?
Would you ever reveal all of your secrets on youtube?
Would you ever do a box swap with anyone for youtube?
Plaid or polka dots?
Was the last book you read relatable? Was it relevant to your life?
What is your favorite place to go shopping for planners?
What natural disasters have you experienced?
List five current trends you love.
Have you ever been called a trendsetter?
If you were to re-decorate your room and had to choose a theme, what...
..theme would you choose?
What is the current theme of your bedroom, if you have one?
Have you ever made a Room Tour video?
What was your favorite TV show as a kid?
Were you popular in high school?
Have you ever been popular? Or do you feel like an outsider?
What talents could you be using more?
Are you responsible? Would you honestly say you are responsible?
Would you honestly say you are a good person?
Have you ever been an online troll?
Do you prefer books or movies?
If you were to star in a movie and could pick one location, where would...
...you want it filmed?
If someone were to film a movie about your life, would you like to play...
...you or would you rather have someone else do it?
What is your favorite ride at the fair?
Do you take pictures often?
What was the last fun thing you did?
Do you enjoy editing photos and videos?
What job do you wish you had?
What grocery store do you shop at?
What do you do when you're bored?
If you had a twin sister, what would she be named?
What would you have been named if you had been born the opposite gender?
What is your name (first and middle)?
Did you like this survey?
What type of survey should I make next, do you think?
Will you subscribe to my youtube channel?
I hope you enjoyed this survey! Bye! :)