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Author: joybucket
Created: August 11, 2018
Taken: 28 times
Rated: G

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My unpopular opinions--do you agree?

Created by joybucket and taken 28 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the statements you agree with.
Skinny jeans are uncomfortable.
Books are WAY better than movies.
Pickles are disgusting.
Coffee is disgusting.
Pop is disgusting, especially Pepsi.
You didn't like to get dirty as a kid.
Curly hair is better than straight.
Beer is gross.
You aren't a fan of Twilight.
Everybody matters.
Everyone is created equal.
Money is not what determines someone's value.
Not every rich person deserves what they make.
Facial piercings don't look good.
I like tattoos for the sake of art, not rebellion.
Nothing is sexy.
Mint is gross.
The smell of skunk isn't always that bad.
Guys look good in pink.
Traditional gender roles are ok.
Strawberry sauce is the best ice cream sundae topping!
Black nail polish doesn't look good.
Black lipstick doesn't look good.
Exposing too much skin isn't attractive.
Rest can be very productive and necessary for your wellbeing.
Dark chocolate doesn't taste good.
Chocolate ice cream is too chocolate-y for me.
Starbucks isn't the best. I know of another coffee shop that's better.
Leggings shouldn't be worn as pants, unless paired with a tunic top.
Bullying should be considered a crime, because the victims' lives matter.
People should be able to share their views without getting attacked.
Not everyone looks good in black.
Snow is the best part of winter!
Rainy days are nice every once in awhile.
No one should be forced to work.
Everyone should have a right to live.
...and if not a right to live, then a right to die with dignity.
Even druggies and those perceived as lazy should have a right to live,...
...and to eat.
People who need counseling but don't have money or transportation should...
...be able to get counseling.
Scamming people should be a crime.
Taking advantage of women should be a crime.
Not every bullied person needs mental help. They might just need a friend.
Having hot weather year-round sounds like it would be terrible.
Simon Cowell was right about Tori Kelly.
Lust, selfishness, perversion, and immaturity are the greatest turn-offs ..
...in a guy.
It's ok to go a week without showering (if you're not getting sweaty...)
Running feels the best in the evening.
People shouldn't be made to feel like they have to tithe at a church that..
...just wants your money.
It's ok to think for yourself...it's actually very, very important.
Not all models are pretty.
The popular people aren't always the best looking.
Blonde hair isn't any better looking than brown.
Most comedians aren't funny.
Nobody should joke about poor diet and exercise habits; it isn't funny.
Insults aren't funny.
Bold eye make-up paired with nude lips isn't a good look.
Gigantic fake boobs don't look good on anyone.
Knee-length skirts don't look good.
Teenagers should SO be allowed to trick-or-treat!
Trick-or-treating should be allowed at any age.
I support the first amendment--the right to freedom of religion and...
...freedom of speech.
Most modern cars are ugly.
Crocs look fine.
Bug spray smells good--it reminds me of camp!
Drug addicts should be treated like people, too. They matter.
Pugs are ugly.
Babysitters should get paid at least minimum wage.
Millennials are valuable people with immeasurable potential.