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Author: joybucket
Created: August 26, 2018
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Your health (for girls)

Created by joybucket and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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What health problems do you have right now?
Are you in chronic pain?
What do you take medications for?
What are some health issues you have had in the past?
Do you have allergies?
If so, what are you allergic to?
Have you ever been to an allergist?
Have you ever been to the ER?
Have you ever been treated poorly in the ER?
Have you ever been told your symptoms were anxiety, when they weren't?
What is the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced?
How many surgeries have you had?
What types of surgery have you had?
Have you always recovered well from surgery?
Have you ever been treated poorly by a doctor?
Have you ever had a doctor tried to kill you?
Is your primary care doctor a man or a woman?
Have you had the same primary care doctor your whole life?
Are you happy with your current doctor?
Have you ever seen a specialist for anything?
What is the most itchiest thing you have ever experienced?
Have you ever had a severe itch, that you'd rate a 10?
On a scale of 1-10, what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?
Have you ever passed out from pain?
Have you ever thrown up from pain?
Do you have any food intolerances? If so, to what?
Do you have any food sensitivities? If so, to what?
What medications are you allergic to?
Do you have acne?
Do you take birth control pills?
Are your hormones screwed up?
Do you have bad withdrawals from medications?
What are some withdrawal symptoms you've had?
What are some bad side effects of medications that you've had?
Have you ever gained weight from a medication? If so, how much?
Have you ever had to take Prednisone?
If so, did it make you gain weight and make your face puff up?
How many hours a sleep do you need?
How many hours a sleep do you get?
Do you exercise enough?
Do you eat healthy?
Are you on a special diet for your health?
Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight?
Are you a healthy weight?
Are you happy with your weight?
How often do you wash your hair?
Do you take showers or baths?
How often do you shower or bathe?
Do you take vitamins? If so, which ones?
What bones have you broken?
What's the worst physical injury you've had?
Do you have sensitive skin?
What chemicals make you sick?
What time of year do you usually get sick?
What's the highest fever you've ever had?
Have you ever had the flu?
Have you ever had bronchitis?
Have you ever had an ear infection?
Do you snore?
What pain reliever do you use for cramps?
If you're female, what symptoms do you get when on your period?
Do you have regular periods?
Are you afraid of shots?
Have you ever donated blood?
Do you do well with shots?
What x-rays have you had?
Have you ever gotten a pill or a piece of food stuck in your throat?
What method of birth control do you use, if applicable?
Do you take birth control to control hormones, or to prevent pregnancy?
How often does your hair need to be washed?
What do you keep on hand for emergencies?
Have you ever had a severe allergic reaction?
If so, what were your symptoms?
Have you ever used an epi pen?
Have you ever been to the ER for a severe allergic reaction?
What's the worst burn you've ever had?
What's the worst allergic reaction you've ever had?
Have you had any health-related embarrassing moments?
If so, what happened? (if you want to share)
Do you use tampons or pads?
Do you sweat a lot?
Do you get nosebleeds?
Do you get motion sickness?
Do you have acne?
Do you have scars?
What are some of your scars from?
Do you have a birthmark? If so, what color is it?
What makes your eyes itch?
Are you ticklish?
Do you have a sweet tooth?
Do you ever crave chocolate?
Do you ever crave cheese?
What else, if anything, do you get cravings for?
Do you drink enough water?
Do you comfort eat when stressed?
How old were you when you started your period?
How old were you when you started going through puberty?
What was the first sign of puberty for you?
Did your hair change when you went through puberty?
At what time of day do you normally feel your best?
Are you naturally optimistic or pessimistic?
Are you naturally energetic?
Does your mind wander a lot?
Do you know your blood type?
Have you ever been taken to the hospital against your will?
Any final thoughts?
I hope you enjoyed this survey, and let me know if you're struggling and
would like a friend to talk to or someone to pray for you, because I will!
<3 :)