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Author: joybucket
Created: September 19, 2018
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? September 2018

Created by joybucket and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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Your favorite color is teal.
You have a strong intuition.
You instinctively know right from wrong.
You have many health problems and are currently chronically ill.
You are double jointed.
You are disorganized.
You are spiritual.
You've been bullied a TON.
You are very creative.
You are unique.
You love bright colors.
You love Jesus!
You love to read.
You love to paint.
You are artistic and love creating.
You love to write creatively.
You have very neat handwriting.
You're an introvert.
You're extremely right-brained.
You only wear bright colors usually.
You have one brother.
You have no sisters.
You have hazel eyes.
Your eyes are brown and green.
Your hair is natural.
Your hair color is light golden brown.
You look like your mom.
You are short.
You are 5'2.
You live on your own.
You like dogs and cats.
You favorite zoo animal is a peacock.
Your favorite school subjects were English and Art.
You're an artist.
You're a writer.
You love to sing.
You love to dance.
You took dance classes when you were younger.
You always wanted to do gymnastics, but your parents never let you.
You love the outdoors.
You live where there's bipolar weather, and you hate it!
You love fall.
You like to drink tea.
You love smoothies.
You love macaroni and cheese.
Stars, fireflies, sunsets, sunrises, and clouds fascinate you!
You have been betrayed and really hurt by a friend.
You've had someone try to bully you to suicide.
You've been suicidal before.
You've written a suicide note or started writing one.
You have people you love and care about a lot.
You're asexual.
You used to have very low self-esteem.
You used to be very shy.
You used to have severe ADHD.
You can touch your nose to your tongue.
You just recently created your own youtube channel.
You set goals for yourself and usually don't end up achieving them.
...but you try.
You are allergic to dust and pollen.
...and dogs.
...and mosquitoes.
...and bees, you think.
You have asthma.
You think you have something that you haven't been diagnosed with yet.
You have a rare condition.
You can't stand for very long.
You hate self-centeredness.
You hate injustice and bullying.
You've had a lot of people abuse you.
You love the colors teal, pink, and purple.
You enjoy watching DIY room decor videos on youtube.
You have a certain vlog you subscribe to and watch regularly.
You enjoy watching talent shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent
You look a lot younger than you are.
You are in your late 20's.
Your birthday is in November.
You live in Michigan.
You have a common name.
You like the name Bianca for a girl.
You like name Maverick for a boy.
You like the name Skylar for either a girl or a boy.
You really want to visit Europe!
You are poor but hope to not stay that way.
You believe EVERYBODY matters.
You HATE inequality and believe everyone was created equal.
You believe in God.
You love God!
You like to decorate.
You went to summer camp as a teenager and loved it.
You've had a severe allergic reaction before.
You can run fast.
You love running.
You love reading. (Did I mention that already?)
Young Adult Fiction is your favorite book genre.
You don't have a TV.
You don't watch movies.
You have a dumb phone.
You don't usually wear make-up on most days.
You only wear make-up on special occasions and when you feel like it.
You have long hair.
You tan easily.
You gained 20 pounds from Prednisone.
You've had the worst cramps ever.
You have a sibling who looks like you.
You named your dog after your first imaginary friend.
Your bedroom in high school was painted neon teal.
Your laptop is neon teal.
You used to love Limited Too.
You like Bohemian-style things.
You like elephants.
You would visit England if you could choose one country to visit.
You love both Halloween and Christmas.
You used to think your house was haunted.
You had your first crush in the third grade.
You have a sunlamp.
You've been told you had anxiety at the doctor's, when it wasn't.
You have experienced the supernatural multiple times in your life.
You have supernatural abilities and gifts.
You are very gifted and talented.
You are very blessed.
Your life has been hard.
Most people don't treat you well.
Your parents abused you.
You trust no one completely.
You like jeggings best out of all your pants.
You like Lisa Frank.
You like to always have your nails painted.
You were obsessed with the Olsen twins when you were younger.
You used to match your sippy cups to your outfits. (my mom told me that lol
Your favorite Disney princess is Belle.
Your favorite fairytale is Cinderella.
You don't like coffee.
You hate pickles.
You don't like beans or chili.
You hate beets.
You don't like hamburgers or sloppy joes or meatloaf.
You don't like pop (or soda or whatever you call it).
You want to lose weight.
You had a friend turn on you, and you really miss her.
You feel alone.
You're hurting.
Your life is hard.
You've read the entire Bible.
You have regrets.
A lot of things bother you that have happened in your life.
There are a lot of things you don't understand.
You love Pinterest.
You went to college but didn't finish.
...and you want to finish but can't afford to.
You wish you had loving and supportive parents.
You wish you had a loving family.
You have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend that you liked...
You dated someone just to try it out.
You've questioned your sexuality.
You liked your first love from afar.
You were in love with someone in middle school.
You love apple cider.
You love pumpkin spice tea.
Your favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
You love trying new things.
You want to do more crafts.
You are a big daydreamer.
You want to be a writer and artist.
You used to want to be dancer and singer.
You've been told you should model.
You used to want to be a model.
You were always one of the smartest in your class.
You have a high IQ.
You've always been overlooked.
You had something great but you lost it. :(
You have a relationship with God.
Your personality doesn't fit your zodiac sign at all.
You love someone who doesn't care about you at all.
You love taking pictures.
You are a naturally optimistic person.
You believe in angels and demons.
You've had encounters with angels and demons.
You look terrible in black and white.
You want a Volkswagen Beetle.
You love to visit big cities.
You want to go to New York.
You love Chicago.
You live in a small town.
You love the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.
You don't have a car and wish you did.
You love sushi.
You don't really like Mexican food.
You don't like dark chocolate.
You don't like mint.
You love Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food.
You have acid reflux.
You have a vitamin B12 deficiency.
You've had a migraine.
You have always been a night person.
You can only sing soprano.
You HATE math!
You also hated gym, reading music, and piano.
One of your favorite books is Anne of Green Gables.
Your room is very colorful.
Are we alike?