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Author: joybucket
Created: September 26, 2018
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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Ways in which I'm different--Are you like me?

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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You don't have a TV.
You don't like movies.
You haven't watched a movie in years.
You're not heterosexual.
You think for yourself.
You've been called unique.
You've been called a free spirit.
You've been called a trendsetter.
You're creative.
You're an introvert.
You have a dumb phone (aka a flip phone). lol
You don't use Twitter.
You don't use Tumblr.
You don't like rap.
You don't like hard rock.
You don't like classical music.
Teal is your favorite color.
You enjoy drinking tea, not coffee.
You are double-jointed.
You are chronically ill but get asked how you stay so positive.
You never give up.
You get bullied, and life knocks you down over and over again, but...
...you never give up.
You have a birthmark on your upper thigh.
You have a birthmark on your lower leg.
You have a white birthmark.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
You've been mistaken for an angel.
You don't like dark chocolate.
...or pop/soda.
...or chili or beans.
...or mint.
...or mushrooms.
...or mustard.
...or ketchup.
....or olives.
...or beets.
...or green beans.
Pickles are disgusting!
Coffee smells and tastes disgusting.
You don't follow politics much.
You don't argue.
You are easygoing.
You are the same height as your mom.
...and the same weight.
You like curly hair better than straight.
You are a fast runner.
You actually enjoy public speaking and performing in front of an audience.
You have been told you have perfect handwriting.
You've been told you should sing solos.
You have been told you're a really good dancer.
You've been told you should be a writer.
You love to read and to write.
You've been told you should be an artist.
You love designing and decorating and being creative.
You can't read music. You've tried and it was too hard for you.
You HATE math.
You were always one of the smartest in your class.
You have a high IQ.
You have Reynaud's.
You used to have severe ADHD.
You scored post-high-school in certain subjects in elementary school.
You have a rare medical condition.
You get bored of video games if you play them for too long.
You don't have a video game console besides a computer.
You make up your own smoothies.
You were voted Most Unique in the senior class polls.
You have a knack for winning costume contests.
You're spiritual, but not religious.
...although you love Jesus. :)
You have experienced the supernatural.
You have supernatural gifts.
You've been called gifted.
You've been called talented.
You've lived in another state for a year.
You've won an art scholarship.
You've won an essay contest.
You've participated in a spelling bee.
You're a night owl.
You have trouble staying organized.
Your pet peeve is when people scratch themselves!
You sleep with the light on because you're afraid of the dark.
You played with Barbies until you were 14.
Your zodiac sign does not resemble you at all.
You are the oldest child, but your personality does not fit the role.
You don't think skunks smell as bad as other people think they do.
You love the small of old books!
You never spoke in class when you were younger.
You used to have social anxiety.
You hate injustice with a passion.
You think most all modern cars are ugly.
You find skinny jeans to be very uncomfortable.
..and you don't any for that reason.
Your feet are an odd size.
Your feet are wide in the front.
You've been told you have a delayed reaction time.
You can't touch your feet to your head, but you are very flexible otherwise
Earbuds don't stay in your ear.
You have natural blonde highlights.
The hair on your arms is blonde.
You have odd-shaped thumbs.
You can hear the sound of our phone charging.
You are hypersensitive to histamine and certain chemicals and medications.
You've been hospitalized for an asthma attack.
You've had to use epi pen.
You've had a severe allergic reaction.
You have mast cell activation disorder.
You have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
You have haywire hormones.
You have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.
You have allergist and asthma.
You have acid reflux.
You have considered a hysterectomy.
You have had cramps that made you throw up.
You can only sing soprano, not alto.
You have small toes.
You look significantly younger than you are.
Your parents don't support you (morally).
You don't having loving and supportive family and friends.
...but you are still blessed and very thankful.