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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: November 6, 2018
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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Waking Up To Nothing, When You're Super Far From Home..

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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Hello :)
This Or That
Panic! At The Disco or My Chemical Romance
Blue or Green
Tofu or Fruit
Apples or Grapes
Oranges or Carrots
Fries or Cheese
Music or Books
Movies or TV Series
The Walking Dead or American Horror Story
Bold or Italics
Cursive or Print
Work or Study
Fan or Airconditioning
Run or Walk
Jog or climb Stairs
Supermarket or Beach Markets
Themepark or Festival
Comedy or Thriller
Boat or Plane
Car or Tram
Train or Bus
Bed or Couch
Bird or Lizard
Cat or Dog
Nap or Sleep
Water or Juice
Soda or Booze
Pokies or Bingo
Social Media or Magazines
Smile or Laugh
Family or Friends
Relationship or Single
Ocean or Pool
Drive or Walk
Gym or Home Workouts
Social or Hermit
Hot Food or Cold Food
Slushies or Soda
Uni or Tafe
Type or Speak
Text or Messenger
Twitter or Tumblr
Instagram or Facebook
YouTube or Emailing
Britney or Christina
The Voice or x Factor
Pink or Yellow
Peaches or Melons
Lotto or Keno
Email or Write a Letter
Cook or Takeaway
Icecream or Cake
Blanket or Sheet
Headphones or Speakers
Dance or Sing
Meow or Woof
Apartment or Villa
House or Townhouse
Cottage or Camp
Tent or Under The Stars
Travel or Visit One Spot
Socks or Slippers
Crop Top or Shorts
The Hills or Laguna Beach
Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore
Kesha or Pink
Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen
Michael Cera or Dave Franco
Emma Stone or Emma Watson
Emma Roberts or Drew Barrymore
Sex and The City or The Carrie Diaries
The Simpsons or Futurama
Bobs Burgers or Family Guy
Rest or Power On
Mother or Father
Guys or Girls
Best Friend or Boyfriend
Loud or Quiet
Carrie Bradshaw or Miranda Hobbs
Samantha Jones or Charlotte York
Chocolate or Sweets
Mousse or Gel
Rose or Lavender
Swim with Seals or Dolphins
Sand or Dirt
Lime or Lemon
Kiss or Cuddle
Blue or Brown
Black or Red
Orange or Yellow
Dark or Light
Island Relaxing or Surfing
Baseball or Volleyball
Give or Recieve
Bands or Solo Artists
Showbags or Cotton Candy
Farms or Shopping Malls
Pigs or Goats
Speed Boat Ride or Building Sand Castles
Turtles or Fish
Pelicans or Parrots
Retail or Administration
Soup or Toasted Sandwiches
Planet Earth or Mars
Stars or Moon
Sun or Hail
Rain or Shine
Lego or Playdoh
School Exams or Work Stock Take
Lawyer or Accountant
Ford or Holden
Drums or Guitar
Good Singing Voice or Fresh Dance Moves
Morning or Night Person
Flower Crowns or Bandanas
Ipad or Ipod
Apple or Android
Chrome or Explorer
Fold or Hang Clothing
Air Dry on a Clothes Line or Use a Clothes Dryer
Simpsons Tapped Out Or Pokemon Go