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Author: joybucket
Created: December 12, 2018
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike? (I love these!)

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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You love bright colors!
Your favorite color is teal.
You have a youtube channel.
You really enjoy making videos for youtube...
..but it takes you forever to edit!
You're always behind on things, it seems.
You have a chronic illness and chronic pain.
You have one brother.
You have zero sisters.
You like both cats and dogs.
Your favorite color is teal.
Your top three favorite colors are teal, pink, and purple.
You live in Michigan.
You love snow!
Fall is your favorite season.
Halloween and Christmas are your favorite holidays.
You live in an apartment.
Financially, you're lower class.
...and you hate it.
You used to have low self-esteem, but now you have healthy self-esteem.
You like to read.
You love smoothies.
You love macaroni and cheese.
You don't like coffee.
You're very creative.
You used to have severe ADHD.
You used to be extremely shy, but now you're only shy sometimes.
You love life!
You are naturally optimistic.
You're 5'2.
You've been through a ton of sh*t.
Your parents abused you.
You're a Christian.
You love God!
You are spiritual.
You don't consider yourself religious.
You wish you had a car, but you don't.
You believe in God.
You love painting.
You love designing and decorating.
You love writing in calligraphy.
You love taking pictures.
You love to dance!
You like to sing.
You like to draw.
.....but haven't done it in awhile.
You love to write creatively (i.e., stories and skits).
You love shopping.
You wish you had money to shop more!
You want to travel more.
You've always dreamed of visiting New York City.
England is the country you'd most like to visit.
There's a picture of you and your mom in which you look like sisters.
You look like your mom.
You have your dad's hair color.
You have a sibling who looks like you.
You don't like pop/soda.
You love chai lattes.
You love apple cider.
You love pumpkin spice tea.
You drink tea.
You enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset.
You love to look at the stars.
You're a huge nature lover.
You wish you could go camping more.
You love renessaince faires.
Your favorite Disney princess is Belle.
You're unique.
You were voted Most Unique in the senior class polls.
You're very unique.
You've felt overlooked.
You've been very lonely.
You had imaginary friends as a kid.
You used to have severe social anxiety and selective mutism.
You don't believe that everyone suffers from anxiety and depression.
...and it makes you angry that people act like everyone does.
You hate injustice.
You think some modern beliefs are just plain ridiculous and stupid.
You've been bullied.
You like to wear jeggings.
You own way too many clothes.
You wish you could be more organized.
You like to be barefoot in the summer.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You are double-jointed.
You can bend your tongue into a clover.
You can touch your nose to your tongue.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
You can't wink.
You can pop your fingers in and out of joint.
Your elbows hyper-extend.
You were in Color Guard.
Your hair is light golden brown.
...and that's your natural color.
You have natural blonde highlights.
The hair on your arms is light blonde.
You have bangs.
You have long hair.
You have hazel eyes.
...that are brown and green.
Your feed are on odd size.
Your feet are a size 7 in back and size 8 in front.
Earbuds don't stay in your ear, because you don't have that flap.
You have Reynaud's.
You wear three pairs of gloves in the winter.
You have wool socks and wool mittens.
You enjoy arts and crafts.
Your favorite school subjects were English and Art.
In high school, your favorite class was Art and Design.
You've never been to New York.
You've never had detention.
You have been betrayed by friends.
You enjoy writing letters.
You write in a diary.
You like to write in cursive.
You have been told you have perfect handwriting.
You have been called a free spirit.
...but you don't truly feel free, and you want to be.
You look a lot younger than you are.
You are 30.
You were born in November.
You are a Scorpio.
...but personality-wise, you're really a Libra.
Your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.
You love sushi.
You love both pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon.
You look best in fall colors.
You like to try new things.
You love trying new foods.
Ethnic foods are really good (usually).
You love Asian food.
Pineapple is the best pizza topping!
You are subscribed to a lot of channels on youtube.
You don't have a smartphone.
You love Bethany Mota.
You love watching DIY craft videos on youtube.
You enjoy watching vlogs.
Your favorite vlog channel is Family Fizz.
You love watching Chronically Jaquie.
You don't have a TV.
Your Bible is really falling apart.
You usually don't make your bed.
You can be forgetful.
You are extremely right-brained.
You are an INFP.
You are on birth control pills for medical reasons.
You take medicine daily.
You take vitamins.
You enjoy running.
You wear glasses.
You had braces in high school.
You weren't popular in high school.
You wear slipper socks often.
You always have your nails painted.
Your first job was working in food service, and you loved it!
You always wanted to do gymnastics, but your parents never let you.
You always hated math with a passion.
You've had a lot of people take advantage of you.
You wish you had someone to talk to in real life.
You wish you were loved.
You love someone who hates you and/or is mean to you.
You had your first crush when you were in 3rd grade.
You're asexual.
You try not to post controversial things on social media.
...because you hate drama.
You hate conflict and wish life were easy and flowed smoothly.
...even though it never does.
You have a mandala tapestry hanging in your living room.
You have a hope chest.
You love boho room decor.
You don't have any tattoos.
You have really sensitive skin.
You hated reading music and found it really hard to do.
You don't speak any other languages.
You're been persecuted for your faith.
Your parents don't love or support you.
Your parents disowned you.
You have a fear of disappointing people.
You've put up walls to avoid getting hurt.
You don't play any instruments.
You LOVED church camp.
You don't have anyone you can trust.
You were baptized in a lake.
You went to college for Art.
You LOVED college!
You lived in a dorm and had a roommate who was your best friend.
You miss your college years.
You live alone.
You're an introvert.
You wish you lived in community, though.
You love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
Your favorite book is The Final Eclipse by Lynne Ewing.
One of your favorite series' is the Daughters of the Moon series by her.^
Your other favorite book series is the Anne of Green Gables series.
You loved Anne of Green Gables.
...and it's the only book you liked that you had to read for school.
...besides Shakespeare, which you enjoyed, but didn't love.
You put up a mini tree for Christmas.
You love to ride your bike.
You enjoy hiking.
You lived out of state for a year.
You've lived in Washington state.
All of your friends are getting married and having kids right now.
...but you're still single and childless.
You see a lot of false information spread on facebook.
You have a lot of regrets.
...and you've made some huge mistakes.
You have trouble loving yourself sometimes.
You've had the worst cramps ever!
You've had a severe allergic reaction.
You've had a 105 degree fever.
You've had an asthma attack.
You've had your tonsils taken out.
You've had a diagnostic laparoscopy.
You have little teeth.
You have a big smile.
You have small toes.
You are craving chocolate right now.
You wish you had the power to control your emotions at will.
You made a stupid decision a few years ago that really screwed up your life
...and of course,you wish you could take it back.
You regret not talking to someone when you had the chance.
You regret not saying something that you should have said.
You have scars.
You used to cut.
You've been suicidal.
You daydream a lot.
Your favorite magazine is Girl's Life.
You loved the show All That when you were a child.
You find skinny jeans extremely uncomfortable.
You have muscular legs.
You have weak shoulders.
You really need to learn to prioritize.
You're about to go make some hot chocolate.
You are always behind on chores.
You shop at Goodwill and the dollar store.
You wear a wristwatch all the time.
You have fake flowers in your room.
You use a sunlamp.
You enjoy typing.
You enjoy making surveys.
You love pretty things!
You have an appreciation for beauty and art and nature and color.
You want to be more spiritual.
You want to be more of a free spirit.