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Author: joybucket
Created: January 1, 2019
Taken: 17 times
Rated: G

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2018--did you have the same experiences as me?

Created by joybucket and taken 17 times on Bzoink
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you went through hell
the whole year was terrible
had an allergic reaction
went to the emergency room multiple times
rode in an ambulence
used an epi pen
grieved the loss of a friend
went to an allergist
had your doctor get mad at you
overdosed on narcotics
almost died
had severe drug withdrawals
had to hypnotize yourself when you got blood drawn
had regrets
felt alone
got discriminated against
got kicked out of a store because of the way you looked
cried in public
had a pastor's wife be mean to you
left church because someone was rude to you
thought you couldn't live without pain medicine/narcotics
had to take Norco immediately or you would have been throwing up &screaming
had cramps so bad they caused that^
had acid reflux
had chronic pain, both emotional and physical
stayed inside most of the summer because it was so hot
had a horribly cold winter
had a cold and rainy October
missed Halloween
spent your birthday alone
spent Christmas alone
spent Thanksgiving alone
didn't go to church
started a youtube channel
started watching DIY youtube videos
subscribed to a ton of new channels
started watching vlogs regularly
spent a ton of time on social media
wished you could use instagram and had a smartphone
wished you had more money
bought yourself a Starbucks drink
wished you had a car
broke out in hives all over your body
had a fever
stayed up all night many nights in a row
gained over 20 pounds
had to buy all new clothes
bought a new wardrobe from Goodwill
cut your own hair
broke your watch
got new winter boots
had the worst cramps you've ever had in your life
wished you had a swimming pool
wished you had a car
missed life
missed living in community
had an ulcer
had esophagitis
found out you had a rare condition
got a pill stuck in your throat
been refused treatment at the ER
been accused of being a drug addict by a doctor
been accused of stealing from a store when you were just looking around
had motion sickness
felt empty and alone
wished you had someone to talk to
felt suicidal
almost committed suicide
asked someone for prayer
been harassed by a neighbor
got harassing texts and phone calls
called the police
had a loud and annoying neighbor
wished a certain yard didn't have such loud barking dogs
wished your neighbor would turn off their music
lost a friend you didn't expect to lose
blocked a ton of people on facebook
been lied to by someone who was once your friend
had your feelings hurt
bought something you didn't eat
ate sweets when you were stressed
didn't feel God's presence as much as in former years
got a sunlamp
told your doctor you were having suicidal thoughts
took an anti-depressant that made you depressed
turned 30
got new sweaters you love from Goodwill
never got around to putting up all your Christmas decorations