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Author: joybucket
Created: January 2, 2019
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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Have you had the same horrible experiences as me?

Created by joybucket and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the ones you've had.
been bullied at school
been bullied at church
been bullied by family
been bullied at exercise class
been bullied at work
been harassed at work
been harassed at home
been kicked out of a store because of the way you look
been sexually harassed
had someone attempt to rape you
been assaulted
been abused
been abused by your parents
been kicked out of your house
had a friend turn on you
been betrayed by multiple friends
been abused by your crush
been bullied by your crush
had someone try to bully you to suicide
been abused by a church leader
had a youth leader try to kill you
had a best friend turn on you and try to kill you
been excluded from a group because people were jealous of you
had a nasty rumor spread about you
had someone you don't even know try to ruin your reputation
been bullied online
had a mean doctor
been refused treatment at the ER
had to switch doctors
been accused of being a drug addict
been accused of being gay
had cramps so bad you threw up
been in so much pain you were about to throw up and start screaming
been suicidal
started writing a suicide note
thought about how you would commit suicide
been accused of stealing when you weren't
been ripped off
had someone take advantage of you
been harassed by a neighbor
had your landlord call you a liar
been bullied by a teacher
found out you had a rare condition
had surgery
broke a bone
had a severe allergic reaction
had to use an epi pen
broke out in hives all over your body
felt your throat closing and your chest tightening
had an ulcer
had acid reflux
experienced severe medication/drug withdrawals
grieved the loss of a friend
been abused by the police
had the police show up at your door and start yelling at you
felt unsafe in your own home
felt threatened for your life
been manipulated
had many people accuse you of doing what THEY were doing
been abused by a pastor
been told you weren't welcome at a church
been afraid of being homeless
almost died
had motion sickness
had food poisoning
had a 105 degree fever
had an ear infection so bad you could hardly hear
had a finger go numb and turn white from the cold
been stung by a bee
been stung by a bee and had your whole hand or foot swell up
had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite
been wrongly diagnosed with something
been forced to take a medication that made you depressed
weren't allowed to participate in sports
punished by your parents for no reason
had low self-esteem
had your parents take advantage of you
couldn't trust anyone
felt all alone in a world full of people out to destroy you
had your parents crush your dreams
been beaten by your parents
been beaten by others
longed for love and not had it
longed for a mother you could talk to
had the police lie to you
had your mother abandon you after surgery
had a counselor/psychiatrist treat you rudely
been refused medication you needed
had severe ADHD
had social anxiety/severe shyness
had selective mutism
been bullied for your sexuality
been treated inferior
been treated like you're worthless
not had money to buy the things you need
ate junk food because you couldn't afford real food
had a migraine
had esophagitis
had a splinter
been persecuted for your faith
got annoyed with everyone asking you where you work
lived a life you're not proud of
had regrets
felt trapped
wanted to run away
slept in your car
had a loud obnoxious neighbor who kept you up at night
had someone lose respect for you out of nowhere for no reason
...and never apologize
confronted someone and been bullied for it
been accused of making someone feel guilty
been questioned by the police
been a victim of racism
blocked a ton of people on facebook
had to work too many hours
had too much of a workload
had your free will stolen from you