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Author: joybucket
Created: January 13, 2019
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me right now? 1/13/19

Created by joybucket and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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You are in your pajamas.
You are freezing.
You are eating a box of chocolates.
Your hair is in curlers.
Your kitchen is a mess and you need to clean it soon.
You are behind on chores.
Your nails are painted hot pink.
You've felt like shit all day.
There is nothing good on youtube today, it seems.
You've been watching too much youtube lately.
You washed your hair today.
You have a splinter in your foot that you can't get it.
You accidentally deleted videos from your computer last week and are bummed
You just got a new watch recently.
You want to go to Kmart and try on sweaters.
You've felt nauseous and feverish all day.
You ate Lunchables today.
It was sunny out, but you stayed in.
You wish you had a car.
You are lonely.
You wish you had more friends.
You like your hair best with loose curls.
You have to trim your bangs way too often, it seems.
You wish you had something dark green, because you look good in dark green.
You have a huge zit on your face today.
Your shirt is pink.
You are wearing Christmas pajamas.
You are wearing socks.
You have been sitting on your bed all day.
You enjoy hot baths.
You want to get into a routine of making youtube videos more regularly.
It takes you forever to edit youtube videos.
You've been forgetful lately.
You have a lot of pills you take every day.
You have a pill box.
You take vitamins.
You take birth control pills.
You really need to clean your apartment soon.
You have a new winter coat this year that you love!
You just got new earmuffs.
You wear earmuffs with cat ears on them.
Your boots are dark red.
You didn't buy yourself anything for Christmas.
All you got for Christmas was money, and you are saving it for necessities.
You don't have much cash.
You have mail you haven't opened yet.
You missed a doctor's appointment recently.
You switched pharmacies recently.
You have an appointment with a new doctor coming up.
You are trying to find a new doctor.
...because yours yelled at you.
You eat a lot of popsicles.
Your body switches from hot to cold multiple times a day.
You watch a lot of youtube videos.
You wish your hair and make-up looked great every day.
You are thinking of asking your doctor about Adderall.
You have taken Adderall before.
....and it gave you heart palpitations.
...and/or acid reflux/upset stomach/faster digestion.
You wear three pairs of gloves when you go out.
You live in an apartment.
You wish you were better at organizing.
You have some craft projects you want to do soon.
You have a youtube channel.
You are bad at keeping promises sometimes.
You had general tzao's chicken recently, and it was really good.
You like to drink SoBe water.
You take gummy vitamins.
You watch Ladylike and As/Is on youtube.
You get on facebook, youtube, and bzoink every day.
You sit in front of a sunlamp every morning in the winter.
...and it really helps.
You made a bullet journal for this year.
You have a chronic pain disease.
...but you're doing better than you were at this time last year.
You miss church.
You wish you could re-live your college years again.
...because they were the best years of your life.
You wonder if a certain person will ever be your friend again.
You wish you hadn't screwed up things with a certain guy.
You wish a message board site you used to use was still around.
You write with colored pens.
You read a devotional, but not every morning.
You've had a painful past.
You take Dramamine for pain.
...and for nausea and motion sickness.
You take ibuprofen/Motrin for cramps.
You've used a heating pad recently.
You *cringe* had lipstick on your teeth in a youtube video.
YOu are bored today.
You like to turn on music and dance around your room.
You watch Niki and Gabi on youtube.
You're horrible at sticking to deadlines.
...and being on time.