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Author: joybucket
Created: January 22, 2019
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? (all new ones!)

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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You like to make lists.
You are feminine, but not girly.
You don't actually think skunks smell that bad.
You think pickles are disgusting!
You like to watch Niki and Gabi on youtube.
You like your hair curly better than straight.
You look terribly pale in black, white, and navy.
You think dark olive is the ugliest color.
You don't like pop/soda.
You call it pop instead of cola or soda.
You love the snow!
You think pineapple is the best pizza topping!
Books are WAY better than movies.
You don't have a TV.
You sometimes stay up all night without meaning to.
You have a youtube channel.
You have some new videos planned you are really looking forward to!
You are convinced one of your favorite youtubers is colorblind.
You've always thought your middle name was too boring and common.
You've always wanted a sister.
You watch Sydney Serena on youtube.
...and you love how she's decorated her LA apartment!
You like the name Skylar for a girl or a boy.
You like to put your hair in curlers so it looks curly the next day.
You use hairspray.
You've accidentally gotten hairspray in your eye.
You spend a lot of time watching youtube videos.
You've be embarrassed if some people knew everything you watch.
You think Barbie is meant to be a toy and looks fine how she is....
You have severe medication withdrawals.
You wish people didn't hate on Christians so much.
You wish people understood that some people pretend to be Christians.
...for their own gain.
You like girly things but don't consider yourself girly.
You don't own any shirts that are stark white.
You never (or hardly ever) wear black.
You love the boho style/trend.
You are a trendsetter.
You've been called a trendsetter.
You're a free spirit.
You're a daydreamer.
You want to learn to make a dreamcatcher.
You think jeggings are the most comfortable pants ever.
You think skinny jeans are uncomfortable.
You have clubbed thumbs (or toe thumbs, fat thumbs, what you call them).
You are missing someone you don't trust.
You have a full-length mirror in your room.
Sometimes you just wish you were rich.
You wear a wristwatch every day.
You've burnt yourself with a curling iron.
You can't play any instruments.
You don't know any other languages.
Your Christmas tree is still up.
You like the strawberry cream-filled chocolates best.
You like strawberry sundaes better than other sundaes.
You LOVE the smell of the leaves in the fall.
You pray daily.
You love all shades of teal.
You hate it when people call teal "blue."
Some shades of yellow are ugly.
Goodwill is one of your favorite stores.
You got your favorite sweater from Goodwill.
You love the colors teal and coral.
You love fishtail braids.
You like the actress Dove Cameron.
You haven't watched a movie in years.
Earbuds don't stay in your ears.
Your feet are wide in the front.
You wear purple glasses.
You hate high-waisted pants.
You think fanny packs are cool/trendy and should come back in style.
You think cropped hoodies are stupid.
You could care less about sports.
You watch Family Fizz on youtube.
You watch Chronically Jaquie.
You watch Sofie Dossi.
You enjoy shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent.
You love British accents.
You want to visit NYC, Paris, and other major cities.
You have regrets because you've lived your life for other people.
You've tried to please someone who was never pleased no matter what.
You've worked in food service.
You've worked as a live-in nanny.
You've felt all alone in the world.
You wish you had a mother to talk to.
You love plaid shirts.
You don't think it looks good when women wear men's clothes.
You wish you were closer to a Target store.
You love eating at Arby's.
Your past is full of heartache and disappointment.
You aren't allergic to any foods.
...but you are allergic to other things.
You can't wink (at least not well).
Your zodiac sign doesn't fit your personality.
You like your Chinese zodiac sign, though.
You have family that lives across the country.
You have a friend living abroad.
You wish you could travel to see the Northern Lights.
It's been awhile since you baked cookies, and you want to.
You would hate to have a gray room.
You appreciate beautiful things.
You don't own any band tees.
You only own three pullover hoodies.
You hope that jeggings don't go out of style, because you love them.
You would get your hair highlighted and permed if you could afford to.
You cut your own hair.
You like to write letters.
You've had a friend betray you.
You're disorganized.
You've had maybe a mini crush but never a real crush on a celebrity.
You survived high school without humiliating yourself.
You watch Ladylike and As/Is on youtube.
You've played Truth or Dare in a hot tub.
You loved Millennium Force.
You rode Space Mountain over and over.
You've been on the Disney Cruise.
You've seen a picture of a cartoon and thought, "That looks like me!"
You've cut a Barbie doll's hair.
You've had a teepee.
You've fantasized about getting revenge but not done it.
You watch LaurDIY on youtube.
You like Gabi's style better than Niki's.
The first color you dyed your hair was red.
You've had highlights before.
You wouldn't let your kids dye their hair until they were a certain age.
You had really frizzy hair when you were younger.
You hate ice skating.
You're forgetful.
You notice friends posting hateful, mean, and/or racists posts.
...but don't say anything usually.
Your town is known for being racist.