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Author: friends-tv-show
Created: March 10, 2019
Taken: 4 times
Rated: PG

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Created by friends-tv-show and taken 4 times on Bzoink
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Favourite character?
Favourite male character?
Favourite female character?
Favourite non-main character?
Least favourite character (main)?
Least favourite character (not main)?
Best looking?
Most mature?
Most immature?
Most annoying?
Favourite couple?
Least favourite couple?
Favourite couple that wasn’t a main couple?
Couple you wish would’ve happened?
Best friendship?
The two that had the worst friendship?
Couple you’re surprised happened?
Overrated couple?
Most underrated friendship?
You and them
Which character would you be?
Which character would you wanna be bffs with?
Who would you date?
Who would get on your nerves?
Who can you relate to the most?
Which character pulls on your heartstrings the most (gives you feels)?
Who would you makeout with?
Funniest moment or episode?
Saddest moment or episode?
Moment or episode that melted your heart?
Best episode/ moment?
Cringiest moment?
Worst moment / episode?
Best season?
Best quote?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Who should he have ended up with?
Was he just a player or a sweetheart?
If Matt Leblanc couldn’t play him, who should’ve?
His best season?
Funny or annoying?
Why did he have trouble with girls?
If Matthew Perry couldn’t play him who should’ve?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Which of his gfs/ wives do you like best?
Funny or annoying?
If David couldn’t play him who should’ve?
Smart or dumb?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Weird or awesome?
Best song?
Best relationship?
Did she have a better friendship with Monica or Rachel?
Did she really wanna get with Joey or was it all a joke?
Did she really hate Ross?
Was she secretly a b*tch?
Best relationship besides Ross?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Best trait?
Worst trait?
Put together & organized or a stressed mess?
Would you find it hard to live with her cause of her cleaning issues?
Was Richard too old for her?
Short or long hair?
Do you think the fat jokes are funny or mean?
More questions
Were they on a break?
Was Gunther weird or kinda cool?
Should it have ended sooner, later or when it did?
Based off looks, who of the six would’ve looked best together?