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Author: joybucket
Created: March 22, 2019
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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Pressing through

Created by joybucket and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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What's something that makes you feel more creative?
What are the last three nail polish colors you wore?
How often do you switch up your nail polish cover?
What's the last thing you binge watched?
Do you watch youtube videos or tv shows more?
Who's the most shallow and superficial person you've watched on youtube?
What's the last magazine you've read?
What's a DIY project that you don't think actually works?
Do you collect Mason jars to use for crafts?
What are you tired of right now?
What gives you a quality of life?
What would give you a high quality of life?
Do you have any rugs on top of carpet in your home?
What color is the last teddy bear you bought?
Have you ever gotten rid of something and then regretted it?
If so, what? (or what's one thing?)
How does your stomach feel right now?
What color is the zip-up hoodie you wear the most?
Do you have a mattress cover on your bed?
Do you live in an apartment that has inspections?
Do you hate taking naps during the day?
Who in your immediate family has the best natural hair?
Who has the best personality on youtube?
Which youtuber seems uber confident?
What is the funniest youtube video you have ever seen?
Would you ever audition for American Idol?
Do you know anyone who thinks they're more talented than they are?
Do you buy gum?
What's your favorite dollar store?
How many cell phones have you had in your lifetime?
Can you play the ukulele?
Do you correct spelling and grammatical errors?
DId you get a perfect SAT score in any subjects?
What is the origin of your last name? (i.e., Italian, French, etc.)
Do you know the meaning of your first name?
If so, what is it?
Have you ever been inside a Victorian mansion?
What was the most boring field trip you ever want on?
The last time you went, what were your favorite rides at Cedar Point?
Have you ever ridden a horse?
Do you enjoy watching videos of babies being born?
If you had a boy and a girl, what would you name them?
Which country do you have no desire to visit?
Which country would you most like to visit?
What is your nationality/what are your origins?
^What is the stereotype associated with that nationality?
^And do you feel like you fit it?
What are your favorite types of videos to watch on youtube?
What's a DIY craft project you want to try?
Is your room clean?
Are you a hoarder?
When you think of your past, do you hurt?
Is there a guy (or girl) that you wish things had worked out with?
Do you ever call yourself stupid in your head?
What was your favorite Barbie doll?
If you were to start a collection, what would it be?
If you were rich, what things would you get done cosmetically?
How old were you when you got your license?
Are you parents too controlling?
Do you think "Sarah/Sara" looks better with an "h" or without?
Would you ever give your daughter the middle name Marie?
Do you think "Ann/Anne" looks better with or without the "e"?
Who is your favorite fictitious redhead?
Name 5 fictitious redheads that you can think of.
Do you like musicals?
What shows have you seen on Broadway?
What big cities have you been to?
What other big cities do you want to go to?
Do you follow through with your new year's resolutions?
Do you make bucket lists?
What's #1 on your bucket list?
Do you have a relationship with God?
Do you hate haters?
What's your favorite emoji?
What do you want to be for Halloween this year?
Do you like unique spellings of names?
Do you trust anyone?
What kind of milk do you drink?
Have you ever "fired" a doctor?
What's your favorite type of cheese?
What store do you want to win a shopping spree at?
What clothing store would you like to win a shopping spree at (if different
Do you wear heals or flats more?
Do you love shopping?
Who is the prettiest Asian youtuber that you can think of?
Do you watch a lot of youtube videos?
What is the best news you've heard lately?
Do you use a sunlamp?
What was the temperature where you live today?
Is your sleep schedule all messed up?
Do you keep up with trends?
Did you wear green last St. Patrick's Day?
Name three positive things about the Internet.
Have a lovely day!