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About This Survey

Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: March 31, 2019
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

No Specific Title, Just Some Questions

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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Any cool small businesses in your area?
If you use libraries, what is the largest overdue fine you've ever had?
Do you ever borrow things other than books from the library?
Are there still any movie rental places left where you live?
Do you ever buy secondhand books (or DVDs, video games, CDs)?
Or do you prefer them to be brand new?
Have you seen the version of The Addams Family with Tim Curry as Gomez?
What was the last TV show you were hooked on?
Have you ever started a book and never finished it?
Do you have a favorite drummer? Who?
What about a favorite guitarist? Who?
Do you ever write fanfic? Of what?
Do you ever READ fanfic? Of what?
Do you have a favorite poet?
How many members are in the last band you listened to?
Do you have a favorite classical composer?
Do you ever accidentally clip your toenails too short and they hurt?
Have you ever had multicolored/rainbow hair?
If not, would you ever want it?
What kind of hats, if any, do you like to wear?
Have you ever thought somebody was cute but no longer found them
...attractive once you got to know them better?
What specifically about them turned you off?
Have you ever thought somebody was plain-looking, but found them attractive
...once you got to know them better?
What specifically about them made them so beautiful?
What is your #1 dealbreaker with friendships? (Why you wouldn't be friends
Who is your favorite character on Bob's Burgers and why? (If you watch it)
What songs do you never get tired of?
Have you ever had a retro celebrity crush?
^Like a crush on an "old" celebrity who was most famous a long time ago or
is long dead
Before buying something in a store, do you look online to see if you can...
...get it cheaper there?
What type of things do you prefer to purchase online?
Are you interested in fashion?
Do you prefer beef or chicken tacos?
Have you ever tried fish tacos? How were they?
Have you ever worn leather (or imitation leather) pants?
What part of your body seems to get cold the most?
What do you like better, pants or shorts?
Have you ever wished you had a different eye color?
Do you know anybody with two different colored eyes?
Okay, that's it, time for dinner.