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Author: joybucket
Created: April 2, 2019
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? (2019 ~ new ~ long)

Created by joybucket and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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You love bright colors.
Your favorite color is teal.
You are 30.
You are 10 years older than you look (at least).
You live in Michigan.
You live on your own.
You miss college.
You love teal, pink, and purple.
You majored in art.
You have a bright and colorful bedroom.
Jesus set you free!
You love watching DIY room decor videos on youtube.
You love making boards on Pinterest.
You love to write in calligraphy.
You have very neat handwriting.
You hair is light golden brown.
^and that is your natural color.
You have hazel eyes.
...that are brown and green.
You always have your nails painted.
You haven't been to church in a long time.
You miss your church family/church home.
You have regrets.
You've made a ton of mistakes.
...and some were huge.
You wish you had a car.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You have one brother.
You don't have any sisters.
You were abused.
You've had a traumatic, terrible past.
You don't have a best friend.
You've had at least 4 friends turn against you & betray you.
You've been heartbroken.
You've moved across the country.
You're single.
You love boho-themed decor.
You think jeggings are the most comfortable pants ever!
You like to write in cursive.
You love painting.
You love taking pictures.
Your dream job is to be an artist and writer.
You have supernatural gifts.
You are not very popular.
You live in a small town.
You've been called a free spirit.
You've been asked if you were an angel.
You love to ride your bike.
You write in a diary.
You love to read.
Your favorite book series is about a moon goddess.
You have a common name.
You like the name Bianca for a girl.
You also like the name Eliana.
You like Maverick for a boy.
...also Dylan.
...also Storm.
You like Skylar for either gender.
You're asexual.
You don't want kids.
You're not sure if you want to get married.
You wish you were dating someone right now.
There's a guy you wish you hadn't let slip away.
Someone you haven't seen in years has been on your mind a lot lately.
You miss someone.
You wish you were rich.
Life doesn't seem like it's worth living when you're poor.
People tell you you're depressed and suicidal (smh), but you're not.
You actually love life & God!
You've been bullied a ton.
You've had stupid, untrue, mean rumors spread about you.
You're a very honest person.
You're a good friend.
You have a chronic pain disease.
You have some serious health issues that disable you.
Your first job was in food service.
You miss living in community.
You used to be very shy, but now you love to make new friends!
You love the outdoors.
You are allergic to mosquitoes (and you know you are, for sure.)
You are double-jointed.
You have a lot of allergies.
You can type fast.
You were always one of the smartest kids in your class.
You are hypersensitive (to sound, touch, sight, smell--everything).
You like to run.
You love exercise.
You used to have severe ADHD, but God healed you.
You hate religion.
You are spiritual.
You don't feel like you're as spiritual as you used to be.
You miss your life from 5 years ago....
You love to shop at the dollar store.
You love salad.
You love to drink tea in the mornings.
You have your bed right by the window.
...and you like to soak up the sun in the mornings. :)
You like to sunbathe.
You have clubbed thumbs.
You can touch your nose to your tongue.
....specifically, you can lick the tip of your nose.
You can bend your tongue into a clover.
You have artists in your family.
Your grandpa was a clown.
You are the same height as your mom.
You can sing.
You get many compliments on your singing voice.
You get many compliments on your handwriting.
You have acid reflux.
You have to wear three pairs of gloves in the winter.
You have Reynaud's.
You've had a finger go completely numb and turn white.
You've had your whole hand or foot swell up from a bee sting.
You've broken out in hives all over your body (and you remember it).
You've been to the emergency room.
You've stayed the night in the hospital.
You've had surgery.
You've "fired" a doctor.
You've had a hospital refuse to treat you.
You've been kicked out of a store because of the way you looked.
You've had to use an epi pen.
You've had a severe allergic reaction.
Some grammatical errors really make you cringe!
Another huge pet peeve is when people scratch themselves.
A small pet peeve you have is when people call "teal" "blue"!
You live in an apartment.
You have trouble staying organized.
You wish you were more organized.
You like fruity scents and fall scents the best.
You love Lisa Frank.
You love Natural Life.
You love mac and cheese.
You have a huge mandala tapestry hanging on your wall.
You have your own artwork displayed on your walls.
You have a twin sized bed.
You are 5'2.
You are thin.
You gained weight from Prednisone.
You've always wanted to do gymnastics.
You're fascinated by stars.
...and fireflies.
...and sunsets.
You have hiked up a mountain, and you want to do it again!
You love camping in the woods.
...but you haven't done it much.
You want to go to the beach this summer!
You love renessaince faires.
You have entered art projects in the fair.
You're a dancer.
You dance in church.
You can tap dance.
You used to go to Zumba a lot.
You want to start a rock collection.
You love Asian food.
You love nachos, but hate most Mexican food.
You love Arby's.
You've never had a cat.
You wish your hair were more curly.
You have bangs.
You don't have a smartphone.
You have a Mac, and you miss your PC that you liked better.
...but you are thankful for iMovie!
You've been told you should be a graphic designer.
...or a fashion designer.
You love beautiful things.
Your best friend turned against you.
Your high school's colors were red and black.
Your university's colors were blue and gold.
You wish you could go back to college.
You've had a friend hate you and turn against you because she was jealous.
You've been kicked out of your house.
You've been persecuted for your faith.