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Author: joybucket
Created: April 5, 2019
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Pet peeves--which of these things do you hate?

Created by joybucket and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the things that make you cringe!
spelling and grammatical errors
when people get colors mixed up/ call colors by the wrong name
when people call teal "blue"
when someone talks too much
chewing with their mouth open
when people scratch themselves
when people scratch their mosquito bites
wearing a shirt with an itchy tag
when your closet door isn't closed all the way
hearing a dog bark for an hour straight
wearing clothes that don't match and that really clash
wearing strong perfume
wearing any kind of perfume
when someone blows cigarette smoke in your face
being talked down to
long lines at the checkout
cashiers who are really slow and act incompetent
stupid people
ignorant opinions
being asked questions that are too nosy or too personal
when people speak to you at the most inappropriate times
being asked about your past
when someone doesn't respect your time
when someone treats you like you're worthless
not picking up after their dog
stepping in dog poop
having a bee or wasp land on you
slow traffic
being stopped at a stop light for a long time
radio static
too many ads
slow computer
no wifi
wifi going in and out
dropped calls
typing with your thumbs
not being able to fall asleep
not being able to exercise when you feel hyper
living the same day over and over again
a stomach that won't stomach making noises
the buzz of a bee
loud neighbors
dead animals on the side of the road
being watched closely in a store
being followed in a store
stupid jokes that aren't funny
comments about your weight
religious people who are self-righteous and who force their views on you
hate comments
when a website doesn't enforce their rules
fines for stupid things
ridiculously high prices