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Author: joybucket
Created: April 8, 2019
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? Music edition!

Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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You like to sing.
You are good a singer.
You've gotten a lot of compliments on your singing voice.
You've sung in a choir.
You went on a choir trip to Chicago.
You went on a choir trip to see Wicked.
Grease is your favorite musical.
You don't play any instruments.
You can tap dance.
You love to dance.
You dance in church.
You've led worship through dancing.
You've been told you should sing solos.
...but you've never sung one.
...and you want to.
You don't listen to mainstream music much.
You listen to some of the same music as your mom.
You liked boy bands growing up.
You had a Britney Spears album.
You had a boombox.
...specifically, a purple boombox.
You used to write songs.
You used to write songs and record them with your brother.
Your brother is a drummer.
Your brother is a great music composer.
You were in dance classes growing up.
You used to bring a tambourine to church to dance with.
You've also brought fans/silks to church to dance with.
You love to dance in church.
You were in advanced dance classes.
You wish you had been in competitive dance and/or more advanced classes.
...because you were talented enough for it.
You can't read music.
You tried to learn to read music, and you always hated it.
You took piano lessons and hated it.
You took voice lessons and thought they were pointless.
You've performed in a musical.
You still have CDs.
...but you got rid of a lot of CDs from your childhood.
You mostly use youtube to listen to music.
You watch a lot of music videos.
You love Casting Crowns latest album.
You like Taylor Swift's old music better.
You listen to a variety of music.
...and a variety of genres.
You like Celtic music.
You wish you could play guitar.
You tried to play guitar and couldn't do it.
Your best friend in high school played guitar.
You sound like your mom when you sing.
Your dad can play guitar.
...but rarely does.
Your mom can play piano.
...but she sold her piano.
Your mom used to sing on the worship team at church.
You've been told you should sing on the worship team at church.
You were in Color Guard.
You are a soprano.
..but teachers were always putting you in the alto section, & you hated it.
You can't sing alto.
You love to worship/sing in church.
You sing in the shower.
You sing along to music.
You have a CD player.
You listened to the radio when you had a car.
You listen to Christian music the most.
...but you also like Celtic
....and some pop
....and some country
....and some rock.
You have a high-pitched voice.
You've been told you sound like an angel.
You like to draw treble clef signs.
You don't know many classical hymns.
You've seen Aaron Carter in concert.
You don't go to concerts much.
You wish you could afford to go to more concerts.
You've seen Play in concert.
You've seen the A*Teens in concert.
Your first CD was A*Teens.
You took ballet and thought it was boring.
You always wanted to do gymnastics
...but your parents wouldn't let you.
You used to own an A*teens shirt.
You've seen The Cheetah Girls in concert.
You love musicals.
You've seen Wicked in Chicago.
Music has always been a part of your life.
You love singing songs around the campfire.
You used to want to be in a music group when you were a kid.