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Author: azari
Created: May 28, 2019
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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i split my ribs open

Created by azari and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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Coffee mugs, teacups, or water bottles?
Bubblegum or cotton candy?
How did your elementary school teachers describe you?
Do you prefer to drink soda from cans, bottles or cups?
Earbuds or headphones?
Movies or TV?
Favorite smell in the summer?
Game you were best at in P.E./gym?
What do you have for breakfast on an average day?
Name of your favorite playlist?
Lanyard or key ring?
Favorite non-chocolate candy?
Favorite book you had to read for school?
Most comfortable position to sit in?
Most frequently worn pair of shoes?
Ideal weather?
Pencils or pens?
Obsession from childhood?
Favorite crystal?
Favorite activity to do in warm weather?
Favorite activity to do in cold weather?
Five songs to describe you?
Best way for someone to bond with you?
Top 5 favorite Vines?
Ads you have stuck in your head?
Average time you fall asleep?
What is the first meme you remember seeing?
Suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack?
Lemonade or tea?
Last person you texted?
Jacket pockets or pants pockets?
Favorite type of jacket?
Favorite scent for soap?
Sci-fi, fantasy, or superheroes?
What clothes do you sleep in?
Favorite type of cheese?
What saying or quote do you live by?
What are you currently stressed about?
Favorite font?
What did you learn from your first job?
Favorite fairy tale?
Favorite tradition?
Talent you're proud of having?
If you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be?
If you were an anime character, what genre of anime would it be?
Character you relate to?
Favorite website from your childhood?
Any scars?
Favorite flower?
Any good luck charms?
Least favorite flavor of food or drink?
Left or right handed?
Least favorite pattern?
Worst subject in school?
Favorite weird flavor combo?
When did you lose your first tooth?
Favorite potato food?
Gas station coffee or grocery store sushi?
Earth tones or jewel tones?
Do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs?
PC or console gaming?
Writing or drawing?
Podcasts or talk radio?
Barbie or Polly Pocket?
Fairy tales or mythology?
Cookies or cupcakes?
Your greatest fear?
Your greatest wish?
Who would you put before everyone else?
Lamps, overhead lights, fairy lights, or sunlight?
Favorite season?
Favorite app on your phone?
What is your desktop background?
How many phone numbers do you have memorized?
Favorite historical era?