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Author: joybucket
Created: June 29, 2019
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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My Unpopular Opinions...agree or disagree?

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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Black looks terrible on some people.
Pineapple makes everything taste better!
Everyone looks good in pink.
Skinny jeans are uncomfortable.
High-waisted booty shorts are one of the worst styles.
Books are better than movies.
A TV show is better than a movie.
Vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream.
Strawberry sundaes are better than chocolate sundaes.
Pickles are disgusting!
Being an adult is better than being a kid because of the freedom.
Treading water is the most relaxing thing to do in a pool.
The idea of karma is incredibly offensive, because it implies life is fair.
God is good.
Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Mint is gross.
Pop/soda is disgusting.
Gasoline does NOT smell good.
King charles caveliers are the cutest dogs.
Peacocks are the best zoo animals.
Everyone looks good in red.
Pink is the best color for a car.
Curly hair is better than straight.
Cherries are gross.
Coffee is disgusting.
Pumpkin spice only really tastes good in the fall (and maybe winter).
Skunks don't really smell that bad.
Trees and fall leaves is one of the best smells ever.
A lot of roller coasters are relaxing, not scary.
The first drop is the best part of a roller coaster.
Making public speeches is fun.
Only big spiders are scary.
Sleeping outside in the open air is better than sleeping inside.
Sleeping in the open air is better than sleeping in a tent.
Only certain tattoos look good.
Thick eyeliner looks horrible.
Facial piercings look horrible.
Low-cut shirts look horrible.
We're created equal, and everybody matters.
Money is NOT what determines a person's worth.
Bullying is never ok.
Everyone should have a right to live.
If people aren't given the right to live, then they should have ...
...the right to die.
Not everyone has to go to college.
Math is the worst subject in school.
Teal is its own color, not blue!
Evenings are the best time of day.
Chili is disgusting.
Dark chocolate is gross.
Cake donuts aren't very good.
Kale is the best vegetable.
Kale is great in smoothies.
60 degrees ferhenheit is the best outdoor temperature.
Running is better in the evening (it feels better).
Redheads look better without make-up.
Women can be attractive without make-up (sometimes).
Most all modern cars are ugly.
Deviled eggs are the best thanksgiving food.
Chocolate milk is gross.
Tie-dye always looks good.
Cheetah print is one of the best styles.
Talking on the phone is better than texting.
Tea is better than coffee.
Most rap music and hard rock music is terrible.
Fanny packs should come back in style.
Rompers don't look good on everyone.
Bleach blonde hair that looks fake isn't a good trend.
Light blonde is not the best hair color.
Most people look best with their natural hair color.
Not all models are pretty.
Models don't always look good in the clothes they wear.
Thick hair is better than flat hair.