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Author: joybucket
Created: October 3, 2019
Taken: 71 times
Rated: G

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Fun Survey for Adults

Created by joybucket and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a laptop or desktop computer?
Do you watch America's Got Talent?
If so, who has been your favorite contestant on AGT?
What chore are you behind on?
Which stovetop burner do you use the most?
What is the last online store you shopped at?
...and what did you buy?
How often do you do laundry?
What color pants are you wearing right now?
Have you ever broke your phone screen?
Have you ever broke your computer screen?
Does your computer monitor currently have a scratch or dent in it?
Do you wear glasses?
...if yes, how old were you when you got glasses?
Have you been bored today?
What type of milk do you drink?
Have you had a headache today?
What department store do you shop at the most?
Which grocery store do you shop at the most?
Do you normally use the self-checkout or the regular checkout?
Do you watch birth vlogs?
Do you have kids?
Do you know what you want to name your kids?
Which time of your life do you miss the most?
Which friend will be in your heart no matter what happens between you two?
Did you watch the first season of American Idol?
Is it sweater weather yet where you are?
What is your most severe allergy?
Do you like your middle name?
What is one thing of yours that is falling apart?
Do you hate anyone so much that you wish they were dead?
Have you ever been kicked out of a store?
What was the stupidest mistake of your life?
Do you have any regrets?
Who is the most recent friend to have let you down?
Have you ever unfriended a sibling on social media?
Do you watch Niki and Gabi on youtube?
...If yes, which twin is your favorite: Niki or Gabi?
What is a song that has memories attached to it for you?
Do you wish you could relive your 20's?
What is your favorite thing about fall?
Have you had the same favorite food/color/holiday since you were a kid?
What was the name of your first imaginary friend?
What was your favorite book you had to read for school?
Did you ever skip class because you hadn't finished your homework?
What do you want for your birthday this year?
Do you like rock music?
Do you enjoy camping?
Would you rather sleep in a tent or under the stars?
What is the best thing that ever happened to you?
What is your most missed memory?
What is the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen?
Have you ever witnessed someone else do something embarrassing?
Do you get motion sickness?
What do you usually take for headaches?
Have you ever switched doctors because of mistreatment?
Do you film or record your deoctor's appointments?
Which accomplishment are you most proud of yourself for?
Do you feel like you've accomplished anything yet with your life?
Do you dance in the rain?
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?
What is your favorite scent for deodorant?
Were you ever a member of the site Meez?
Do you ever miss Myspace bulletins?
What is your favorite app on your phone?