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Author: penseve
Created: November 8, 2019
Taken: 42 times
Rated: G

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I stopped listening the moment you spoke and said I'm long gone.

Created by penseve and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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Where was the last place you drove to?
What is your favorite move franchise?
What was the last fast food you ate?
What is your zodiac sign?
Do you think you're a good dancer?
What is the saddest book you've ever read?
How old will you be this time next year?
What subject do you think you are best at?
Do you prefer heroes or villains?
What is something you think is overrated?
What political cause are you most passionate about?
What country would you most like to visit?
What is the worst job you've ever had?
Who was your best friend as a child?
What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
Have you ever considered having children?
If you ever took field trips as a child, which was your favorite?
Do you have any weird family traditions?
Have you ever considered acting?
Who was the last person you slept next to?
Do you think you can be in love and still cheat on your S.O.?
Do you subscribe to any streaming services?
Do you consider yourself a crafty person?
What is your ideal weather?
Have you ever been in a physical fight?
What is the most embarrassing thing anyone has on video of you?
Did you ever get lost as a child?
What is your favorite condiment?
On a scale of 1-10, how attractive do you think you are?
Do you prefer horror or romance movies?
What was the last film you saw in theaters?
Have you ever been to a concert?
Have you ever had an existential crisis?
Where is the farthest from home you've traveled?
Do you like country music?
Can you play any instruments?
What color are your eyes?
What color are the eyes of the person you love?
What is your favorite kind of flower?
Have you ever had your heart broken before?
What town were you born in?
Do you believe you had a good childhood?
What was the last dream you had?
Do you know how to play any card games?
Have you ever taken a taxi before?
What is something about your childhood that you miss?
What are you currently most looking forward to?
Did you ever have MySpace? Do you miss those days?
What is the best television show you've ever watched?
Are there any songs you can't listen to because they bring back memories?
Have you ever saved someone's life?
Do you tend to sleep well at night?
What do you believe is your weirdest habit?
When was the last time you were sick?
What color are your parents' eyes?
Do you have any credit cards?
Have you ever broken any major bones?
Have you ever had a surgery before?
Are you ever afraid people will just stop talking to you one day?
Can you tell me the last deep thought you had?
Are there any websites you've used for over 10 years?
Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their ages?
What is the best movie you've seen this year?
Did you ever make straight a's in school?
What color is the shirt you are currently wearing?