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Author: penseve
Created: November 11, 2019
Taken: 33 times
Rated: PG

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Tons of Love and Relationship Questions

Created by penseve and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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Are you currently in a relationship?
How many relationships have you been in?
Have you ever cheated on someone before?
Have you ever been cheated on before?
Do you think you've ever been in love?
Has anyone you've ever dated, died?
Would you be in a friends-with-benefits relationship?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Has anyone ever written you a song or poem?
What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?
Do you think anyone currently loves you?
Do you believe you can love more than one person at once?
Have you ever been proposed to?
Have you ever proposed to anyone?
Have you ever been married?
Would you like to be married someday?
Do you plan on having any children with someone?
Would you consider a long-distance relationship?
What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship?
Have you ever broken up with someone?
Do you think everyone has a soulmate?
Do you believe you've already met your soulmate?
What is the nicest thing a S.O. has said to you before?
Have you ever lived with a S.O. before?
What is your sexuality?
Do you believe you are a good S.O.?
What are some of your favorite pet names?
Have you ever been on a vacation with a S.O.?
Are you a virgin?
If not, where did you lose your virginity?
Were you in love with the person you lost it to?
Would you consider having an open relationship?
Do you consider yourself a jealous person?
Could you ever date someone who was jealous?
What qualities are you looking for in a S.O.?
Have you ever told someone you love them first?
What is the most important quality in a relationship to you?
How old would you like to be when you get married, if ever?
Would you consider dating a friend's ex?
How would you feel if a friend dated your ex?
Do you prefer forehead kisses or cheek kisses?
How many people have broken your heart before?
What is the worst way you've ever been dumped?
Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?
What is your preferred body type in a S.O.?
Who was the last person you kissed?
Have you ever dated someone who was married?
Would you ever consider helping someone cheat on their S.O.?
What is your ideal date?
Would you prefer to date someone more funny or serious?
Do you think that one person should pay for dates or both?
What is a pet peeve about dating that you have?
Do you think you are too picky about relationships?
Have you ever broken up with someone via text message?
Have you ever had a friend steal a S.O. from you?
Have you ever had two people fight over you before?
Do you prefer being called babe or baby?
What is your favorite memory of a S.O. or ex?
When you're in a bad mood, do you want your S.O. to help or leave you alone
How important is sex to you in a relationship?
Do you think celebrating Valentine's Day is corny?
What is the best relationship advice someone has given you?
Do you need alone time in a relationship?
Are you friends with any of your exes?
What is a relationship deal breaker for you?