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Author: emptyspaces
Created: November 26, 2019
Taken: 45 times
Rated: G

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Those born to the storm are sickened by calm seas

Created by emptyspaces and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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If you had to teach a class, what would you teach?
Do you ever get room service when staying in hotels?
Who knows you better than anyone else?
Would you ever want to go to Brazil?
When did you last get into an argument?
How did your parents meet each other?
What profession do you think is the most under-appreciated?
Are there any medical conditions that run in your family?
Have you ever drawn on someone while they were sleeping?
What was going on in your life two months ago?
Would you ever want to live a nomadic lifestyle?
Does time really heal all wounds? Or is that just a trivial saying?
In your opinion, what is the most toxic personality trait?
What band has the best guitar solos?
Where is your favorite place to take a nap?
Would you rather lose all your old memories, or never be able to make ...
new ones?
Who is the biggest jerk you've ever met?
Have you ever swerved off the road to avoid hitting an animal?
What's a charity you would never donate to?
When did you last check your car's oil level?
What's a tradition you hope never dies out?
Have you ever grown your own herbs?
Do you have any exes you'd consider dating again?
What sort of things/tasks do you do on a weekly basis?
Do you read the nutrition labels on the packaged food you buy?
What were some of your favorite classes you took in high school?
~ The End ~ Thanks for taking :)