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Author: joybucket
Created: February 3, 2020
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? February 2020 edition (long)

Created by joybucket and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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You are in your 30's.
You are chronically ill.
You never give up.
...even though your life has been very hard.
You were abused.
Your favorite color is teal.
You love bright colors.
Your favorite food is mac and cheese.
Your favorite season is fall.
You haven't watched a movie in years.
You don't have a TV.
You are 5'2.
You've been bullied A LOT.
You are the oldest child in your family.
Your feet are an awkward size.
You love art and creative writing.
You love taking pictures.
You are a youtuber.
You've gotten lots of compliments on your singing voice.
You love to dance.
You have very neat handwriting.
You were a child prodigy, but nobody cared.
You can touch your nose to your tongue.
You are double-jointed.
You have a sibling who looks like you.
You look like your mom.
You are the same height as your mom.
You've lived in a dorm.
Your college years were the best years of your life.
You went to a university.
You are a Christian.
You love God.
Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to you.
You've been betrayed by multiple friends.
You have a lot of allergies.
You are severely allergic to something.
You've had a finger go numb and turn white from the cold.
You've been a victim of police misconduct.
...and it still upsets you.
You get bullied A LOT.
You have long hair.
Your hair is light golden brown.
You have a big smile.
You have clubbed thumbs.
You have a high-pitched voice.
You are shy when first getting to know someone.
You used to have social anxiety.
You've made some of the dumbest decisions.
....and you still beat yourself up for it sometimes.
You have regrets.
Life isn't fair.
You don't have loving and supportive family and friends.
You really wish you had a mom you could talk to.
You listen to a variety of music.
God is good.
You don't have a car, and you wish you did.
You like dreamcatchers.
Your zodiac sign does not fit your personality at all.
You don't read your horoscope.
You take vitamins.
You are on a lot of meds.
People are mean to you because they're jealous of you.
You believe in the supernatural.
You've experienced the supernatural.
You believe in angels.
Your favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
You are very creative.
You are unique.
You were voted Most Unique in high school.
You have seen a double rainbow.
You've put out an accidental fire on your stove.
You like to run.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You get carsick.
You just got your first smartphone last year.
You're single.
You wish you had a guy to take you out on dates.
You're lonely.
You've contemplated suicide.
You love reading.
You pretty much wasted your 20's.
YOu've had a lot stolen from you.
...and you're angry about it.
You wish life were fair.
Your best friend abused you.
You don't want kids.
You've been abused by a pastor.
You wish you could travel more.
You're poor, and you hate it.
You hate injustice.
You used to self-harm.
You call yourself stupid a lot.
You enjoy reading the Bible.
....specifically, The Message.
You haven't been to church in awhile.
You love peacocks.
You love rainbows.
You love Lisa Frank.
You love the brand Natural Life.
You wish your parents loved you.
You have no support from anyone.
Your parents disowned you.
You like to use emojis.
You enjoy taking selfies.
You have hormone issues.
You wish you mattered to someone.
Your best friend turned on you.
You've been rejected from a group, excluded for no reason.
You've been hated for no reason.
You've been bullied by women who are your mom's age.
You've been bullied by teachers.
You are asexual.
You don't support the LGBTQ+ movement, because it's all about hate, ...
...even though you are on the spectrum.
You've had false rumors spread about you.
You daydream a lot.
You've hallucinated.
....as a side effect of a medication.
You wish someone cared about you.
You like the name Bianca.
You also like Eliana and Aurora.
You like the name Maverick for a boy.
...and also Dylan.
....and Jedidiah.
You like Skylar for either a boy or a girl.
You love curly hair.
You've had a church leader try to kill you.
You wear glasses.
You've had braces.
You enjoy graphic design.
You don't have anyone who wants you to be happy.
....or to follow your dreams.
You wish you could go back in time and fix your mistakes.
You like to try new things.
You like to write.
You scrapbook.
You have memories from your past that haunt you and torment you.
You don't know how to make peace with your past.
You miss someone.
You love the outdoors.
You live in Michigan.
You've never been to NYC, and you want to go.
You wish you could go back and fix your mistakes.
You have to learn things by trial and error.
....because what people taught you was wrong.
You want a boho wedding, if you get married.
You love tie-dye.
You miss life.
You're intuitive.
You are very sensitive to the atmosphere around you.
You've had an angel fly into your room.
You've been miraculously healed.
You used to have very severe ADHD.
The one thing you want the most is love.
You've been called a free spirit, but you wish you were more of one.
You feel like you've had your free will stolen from you.
You hate that if you're a young woman who lives alone, you have no rights.
You have a lot of ignorant people in your life.
You've felt threatened for you life.
You're hoping 2020 will be better than last year.
You were born in the 80's.