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Author: zqrwrgnani
Created: February 3, 2020
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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I dream in jeans and leather (alike)

Created by zqrwrgnani and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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You're 25.
You're pregnant.
You work in retail.
You have a pet husky.
You have a pet yorkie.
You have 3 cats.
You live in a home.
You live with a significant other.
You're not at all religious.
You have a morbid sense of humor.
Your parents are deceased.
You still play Neopets.
Zelda is your favorite video game franchise.
You love thrifting for clothes.
You drive a Prius.
You have brown hair and brown eyes.
You're very fair skinned.
You love athleisure clothing.
You love true crime videos and podcasts.
You're addicted to La Croix or another sparkling water.
You love Lana Del Rey.
You live in a college town.
You're a journalism major.
You have a few tattoos.
You could sleep for 10 hours a day.
Your best friend lives a state away.
You don't associate with any of your family members.
You have a lisp.
You're confrontational.
You like to spend time downtown in your city.
You love Apple products.
You walk about 8 miles a day at work.
You spend too much money on Starbucks.
You'd rather eat at a local restaurant than a chain.
You love visiting new breweries and trying new beers.
You go indoor rock-climbing frequently.
You're attracted to older men (or women).
You spent most of your early 20s getting lit.
You collect rocks and things from hikes you go on.
Things usually go pretty well for you.
You were very promiscous when you were younger.
It makes you laugh when people get angry over something silly.
You have a blood circulation disorder.
You live in what ifs and worry about everything.
You take two showers a day.
You have a chipped front tooth.
You can be super happy and then turn around and get super down.
You like to watercolor.
It annoys you when someone victimizes themself.
You have a necklace you wear that you never take off.
You like the smell of chemicals.
You don't like the way you react to marijuana.
You skip a lot when you walk.
You talk to yourself when you're alone.
You love your nose.
You want a septum piercing.
Your hair is shoulder-length.
You love swimming and being near bodies of water in the summer.
Your best friend has told you he's in love with you before.
You hate the snow and the cold.
You love Pokemon.
You shop at ROMWE and SHEIN a lot.
You have unique, funky glasses.
You like oysters.
IPAs are your favorite kind of beer.
You love college basketball.
You've been to Electric Forest.
You want to go to more music festivals.
The Room is one of the best movies, ever.
You love going to plays.
Kombucha is gross.
You wish your ex-friends were better friends and still around.
You don't care what people are into as long as they're not hurting anyone.
You can play a ukulele.
You've grown up a lot in the past year.