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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: February 8, 2020
Taken: 22 times
Rated: PG

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Long Are You Like Me? [February 2020]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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You are vegan
You love animals
You have two cats
You have at least one dog
You only use cruelty free makeup and beauty products
You prefer to read fiction rather than nonfiction
The Harry Potter series is your favorite book series
You dye your hair
Your hair is red
You have green eyes
You are underweight
You are average height for your gender
You have very pale skin
You have terrible posture
Your favorite beverage is Mountain Dew
You prefer soymilk to any other typem of milk
You don't really like alcohol
You love smoothies and/or boba
You're not very active
You're extremely lazy
You're always tired
But you try to exercise sometimes
But you don't go to a gym currently
You love Mediterranean food
You also love pizza and pasta
You love trying new restaurants, it's like a hobby
You love food in general
You mainly base traveling on food/restaurants
You've always had a bit of eating disorder though..
You have an autoimmune disease
You have a neuromuscular disease
You have chronic postnasal drip
You have scoliosis
You have asthma
You are lactose intolerant
You are allergic to nuts
You have many environmental allergies
You have GERD
You love to sing
You play piano
You play flute
You know a bit of guitar
You write songs
You are in a band
You have an album released on iTunes/Spotify/Google Play
You are pretty good at drawing
You love The Sims 4
You make YouTube videos
You are subscribed to a lot of YouTubers
You watch a lot on Netflix
You love sleeping
You love alternative/edgy/emo/goth fashion
You love doing your makeup
You love romance/romantic comedy films
You love thrillers
You love musicals
You love rock music
You also love EDM
You also love show tunes
You love going to concerts
You love going to fairs/carnivals
You love amusement parks
You love visiting family
You love Disney
You love Pokemon
Spiderman is your favorite superhero
You also love Venom
You take lots of selfies
Instagram is your favorite social media site
You don't understand Twitter
You are Jewish
You are very open-minded when it comes to religion
You are in a long-term relationship
You live with your significant other
You have seven exes
You are straight mainly
But you also consider yourself to be bicurious
You support gay rights
You are pro-choice
You are against " building a wall"
You believe everyone should have equal rights
You are far left politically
You are not a virgin
You lost your virginity at sixteen
You had your first kiss at fifteen
You had your first relationship at fifteen
You've kissed someone of the same gender
You like watching supernatural/sci-fi/thriller TV shows best
You hate driving and never do it
You are very shy