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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: February 10, 2020
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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More Are You Like Me Questions [February 2020]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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You work from home
You have a very unique job
You work for the news
You have a well-paying job
Before this, you were struggling to pay rent on your apartment each month
Now you are living in a two-story home
You don't like to drink water
But you force yourself to drink at least a bottle a day
You have to go doctors a lot
You have six cavities
You are in love with sugar
But candy is a bit much for you
You keep organized with a daily planner
You take multivitamins daily
You are afraid of putting your head underwater when you swim
Because you almost drowned as a toddler
You are afraid of fire and using a lighter/matches
Your biggest fear is death
Loss is also a huge fear of yours
You are terrified of guns and want them gone
You are anti-war
You HATE violence
You hate injustice
Killstar is your favorite clothing store
Colourpop is your favorite makeup brand
You love shopping online so much more than in stores
You still use iTunes to get music
Your hair is very damaged
You have a home office
You live in the southwest United States
Most of your ancestry is Russian
You think brown eyes are the prettiest
You are super shy
You have bad social anxiety
You worry way too much about everything
It never snows where you live
You live in the desert
Your favorite colors are aqua, purple, and/or black
You have synesthesia where you see letters and numbers as certain colors
You were born in the 90s
You were born on the East Coast of the USA
You can speak some Spanish
You can speak some Hebrew
You have only been to two other countries
You've been to more than half of the states in the USA