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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: May 13, 2020
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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Are you at all like this friend of mine? 1

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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I'm thinking about one of my close friends.
Are you anything like this person I'm thinking of? Let's see...
Your first name begins with C.
Your surname begins with M.
Your first name has more than 8 letters in it.
Your first name is often misspelled by others.
Your first name is often shortened.
You have 2 younger siblings.
You own 2 dogs.
You're in your late 20's.
Your birthday is on July 19th.
You're short.
You wear glasses.
You have hazel eyes.
Your hair is getting quite long now.
You've dyed your hair various colours.
Your hair is currently purple.
Your last relationship ended almost a year ago.
You're now starting to get over your last relationship.
You've realised that your ex wasn't a very nice person.
You've worked with children before, and you enjoyed it.
You're very close to your mother.
You drive a blue car.
You're a huge Harry Potter fan.
You own some Harry Potter/Hogwarts merchandise.
You love to dress up for Halloween.
You've dressed up as a Harry Potter character.
You don't like mac and cheese.
Your favourite alcoholic drink is gin.
You have a crush on Johnny Depp.
You like Tim Burton films.
You consider yourself to be an open person.
You have a close friend that you've known since childhood.
That's all I can think of for now. Bye :)