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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: May 18, 2020
Taken: 24 times
Rated: PG

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Are you at all like this friend of mine? 3

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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I'm thinking of another one of my close friends.
Are you anything like this person I'm thinking of? Let's see...
Your first name begins with S.
Your surname begins with R.
Your middle name begins with L.
You're in your late 20's.
You have 3 younger brothers.
You have dark hair.
Your hair is quite long.
You prefer to wear your hair tied up.
You have brown eyes.
You only wear make-up on special occasions.
Your favourite colour is pink.
You're married.
You met your partner online.
Your partner's name begins with P.
One of your previous partners was unfaithful to you.
You have 3 children.
You've had your children's names tattooed on you.
You've had your partner's name tattooed on you.
As a teen, you were obsessed with a certain boyband.
You had your first boyfriend/girlfriend at 15.
You've worked in a fast food restaurant.
You're a fan of the TV show 'Supernatural'.
You have a crush on Jensen Ackles.
You live in a village.
You've lived in your country's capital city before.
That's all I can think of for now. Bye :)