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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: June 26, 2020
Taken: 45 times
Rated: PG

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And then my love will flow like the waves to the shore. (I've done these things recently. Have you?)

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Here's a random list of some stuff I've done over the last few days.
Have you done any of these things in the last few days?
Talked to a relative in person?
Talked to a friend via social media?
Felt anxious?
Felt embarrassed?
Felt guilty?
Watched re-runs of a TV series?
Had an alcoholic drink?
Watched a horror film?
Worn make-up?
Taken a selfie?
Eaten a sandwich?
Talked to a relative on the phone?
Used the washing machine?
Had a headache?
Felt uncomfortably hot?
Taken painkillers?
Warmed something in the microwave?
Drank coffee?
Read a crime novel?
Eaten waffles?
Drank tea?
Eaten cereal?
Got up in the night to use the bathroom?
Seen a spider in your bathtub?
Overheard an argument?
Craved something?
Eaten chocolate?
Had an interesting conversation?
Used a cosmetic that irritated your skin?
Cried because you felt confused?
Laughed about something that had previously upset you?
Drank water?
Switched on an electric fan?
Heard birds singing outside?
Realised you related to a character in a book?
Missed a past hobby or interest?
Snuggled with a pet?
Eaten cookies?
Listened to music?
Typed something into a search engine?
Eaten salad?
Fallen asleep somewhere other than your bed?
Thanks for taking. Bye :)