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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: July 4, 2020
Taken: 39 times
Rated: G

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Are You Like The People In My LIfe? [Long]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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Matt [my boyfriend]
Reading is your favorite hobby
You are very intelligent and love learning and educating yourself
You are vegan
You love energy drinks and drink at least one per day
You are far left politically
You are tall
You're very goofy and weird and love making people laugh
You like metal, punk, hardcore, ska, indie, and/or folk music
You are a definite dog person, you adore dogs
You like horror movies best
Deb [my mom]
Painting is your favorite hobby
You are bipolar and/or have borderline personality disorder
You love coffee and have to have it every morning
You also like to drink wine
You're a really good cook
You love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, walking, biking, etc.
You have very frizzy and/or puffy hair
Your eyes are a very yellow-ish green color
You have a dog whom is your world
You are married
Fred [my dad]
Learning languages is a hobby of yours [and you know about ten languages]
You love 3D movies, 3D pictures, and virtual reality
You love running
You have cancer...
You are a doctor of some sort [he's an optometrist]
You love baking bread and/or eating bread
Neither of your parents are alive anymore
You love photography and/or videography
You enjoy making breakfast foods like crepes and french toast
You have black/very dark brown hair
Alex [my brother]
You play saxophone
Jazz is your favorite music genre
Music is actually your job
You live in New York
You have a girlfriend [or boyfriend]
You [also] teach
Your eyes are like a blue-green color
You went to grad school and graduated
You are moderate left politically
You enjoy spicy foods
Spencer [my friend/room mate]
You love smoking weed
You work in the cannabis industry
Making electronic music is your favorite hobby
You are a pretty social person and kind or a bro lol
You love Spongebob
You play a bit of keyboard and guitar
You really like drinking tea
You love eating curry dishes
Yeet is your catchphrase
You really wanted Bernie for president
Nate [my friend]
You like making art with paperclips/hangers/other random objects
You're a bit of a hipster
You have very curly hair
You dye your hair lighter [blonde/white/silver]
You live in a house with a bunch or room mates
A lot of your friends are trans or nonbinary
You like classic rock, indie, and electronic music best
You are very skinny
You will eat anything that's edible, even if no one else wants it
You have brown/hazel eyes
Erica [my friend]
You are moving across country soon [or already have]
You went to cosmetology school
You do lashes for a living
You are very into fitness/exercise
You have a medical marijuana card
You love cats and have at least one
You love watching anime
You are really into horoscopes and witchy stuff
You enjoy playing videogames
You are picky with people and make it known when you don't like people
Serena [me] xD
You dye your hair red
You love to sing more than anything
You also play instruments [I play piano, flute, and a bit of guitar]
You love playing The Sims 4
You are in a band
You work for the news
You have a YouTube channel
You love watching Netflix shows
Mountain Dew is your absolute favorite drink
You have a lot of health issues and hate it
We are all done!
Who are you most like?