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Author: pinkmittens8
Created: July 19, 2020
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as i want you to be...

Created by pinkmittens8 and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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You were born in the 90s
You have a pet cat
You work in healthcare
You like to ride horses
You watch football
You smoke
Your favorite soda is Pepsi
You own a lava lamp
You have a pet dog
Your favorite color is Blue
Your name starts with J
You like cheesecake
You are tall
You have a friend named Ashley
You love sushi
You know who Spongebob is
You have children
You are married
You have tattoos
You have had your nose pierced
You have blonde hair
You have dyed your hair red
You have been on a diet
You prefer day instead of night
You have been to Disneyland
You live alone
You like rap music
You know who Eminem is
You have dated someone whose name starts with T
You have a Facebook
You sleep with a fan on
You did laundry today
You took a walk this week
You currently are sun burned
People tend to say you are outgoing
You can play piano
You have a pet ferret
You are scared of spiders
You can do a handstand
You had to work today
Your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla
You dislike oatmeal
You bite your nails
You prefer texting over calling people
You have a sister
You have called in sick for work this month
You have been fired from a job before
You cant swim
You cant whistle
You are currently wearing blue jeans
You own more than 1 television in your home
You have a cellphone
You have never tried drugs
You went to college
You were born in the month of August
You skipped breakfast today
You have broken a bone before
You have never been to the zoo
You showered already today