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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: August 29, 2020
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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A random assortment of questions for this Saturday evening

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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Hi there!
When was the last time someone asked you for advice, or an opinion?
Have you been in pain during the last 24 hours?
What was the last sitcom you watched?
^ Do you have a favourite character in that sitcom?
^ Why is that character your favourite?
Do you remember anything at all about your dream last night?
Do you ever tell others about your dreams, if they're weird or amusing?
Have you ever kept a dream diary?
When was the last time someone invited you to socialise with them?
^ Did you accept or decline the invitation?
What does the last group you joined on Facebook concern?
Have you ever befriended anyone that you met in a Facebook group?
Do you crochet or knit, or know anyone who does?
Does today's date have any significant meaning for you?
Has anyone you know had their birthday in the last week?
What did the last hair product you used smell like?
Is there anyone that you talk to over the phone on a regular basis?
^ Did you talk to that person today?
Is there anyone in particular that you'd like to hear from right now?
Anything that you hope to accomplish before today is over?
Thanks for taking. Bye :)