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Author: willowraincloud
Created: December 9, 2020
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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All About You

Created by willowraincloud and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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What is/was your favorite subject in school/college?
What is your dream career/or your career now?
Why did you choose that as you career?
What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
What is your favorite thing about yourself that isn\'t physical?
Do you want/have kids?
If you could go anywhere in the world...where would you go and why?
What place is your favorite that you have visited and why?
How would you spend a million dollars if you won the lottery?
What is your favorite way to relax?
Place To Shop
Clothing Brand
Genre Of Music
Disney Movie
Horror Film
Pick One
Sausage Or Pepperoni Pizza
Spaghetti Or Lasagna
Black Or White
Red Or Blue
Pink Or Purple
Green Or Yellow
Orange Or Brown
Trees Or Flowers
Indoors Or Outdoors
Truck Or Car
Bus Or Train
Airplane Or Helicopter
Mountain Or Valley
Snow Or Rain
Day Or Night
Sun Or Moon
Movies Or Television
Netflix Or Hulu
Cinderella Or Snow White
Aurora Or Rapunzel
Prince Charming Or Flynn Rider
Aladdin Or Prince Eric
Mulan Or Jasmine
Edward Or Jacob
Lord Of The Rings Or Harry Potter
Mermaids Or Unicorns
Dragons Or Wizards
Johnny Depp Or Zac Effron
Road Trip Or Airplane Ride
Horror Or Comedy
Romance Or Mystery
Nonfiction Or Fiction
Mt. Dew Or Pepsi
Stove Or Microwave
Coffee Or Tea
Apple Juice Or Orange Juice
Peaches & Cream Or Strawberries & Fudge
Vanilla Or Chocolate
Arts Or Crafts
Christmas Or Halloween
Cake Or Pie
Blueberry Or Raspberry
Ability To Fly Or Be Invisible
Abe Lincoln Or George Washington
More Random
What is the worst thing you've heard said about yourself?
What is the best compliment you've received?
Would you rather donate to the homeless or the animal shelter?
One thing you would want a free endless supply of the rest of your life?
What makes you feel misunderstood?
If you could open a business...what would it be?
What is your biggest character flaw?
What is your best personality trait?
Could love at first sight actually be real?
Have you ever experienced something life changing that you can't explain?
Do you tend to give more than you receive, not monetarily?
Had you rather be an elf or Santa?
If you were Santa...what would you carry the gifts in other than a sack?
Had you rather go camping in a tent or in an rv?

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