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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: January 18, 2021
Taken: 29 times
Rated: PG

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Random true or false/are you like me now?

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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Hi there!
A very random list of statements based on facts that apply to me currently.
The last mug you drank from was blue.
You own a watermelon scented candle.
There is a vase of flowers in your living room.
Your mascara is waterproof.
Your lips are slightly chapped.
Your current shampoo/conditioner is apple scented.
Your current shower gel is pear scented.
The last movie you watched was a chick flick/romantic comedy.
You have at least one book somewhere close to you.
You can see a cat from where you're sitting.
You need to get a new pair of headphones/earphones.
You miss a hobby/interest that you were passionate about before Covid.
You use Facebook/Messenger more than any other platform.
You like Pinterest.
You decided to do the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year.
You recently gifted a book to your sibling.
You enjoy watching quiz/game shows.
You have an online friend with whom you exchange lengthy messages/emails.
You have a friend with whom you play online games.
You have a specific brand of tea that you prefer.
At least one of your friends is a professional chef.
One of your friends owned a business, but had to close it down due to Covid
One of your friends is pursuing a career in science.
You currently have a song stuck in your head...
... But you're not sure what the song is, or where you heard it.
You have eaten pizza during the last 12 hours.
^ It was a vegan pizza.
You have felt embarrassed within the last 12 hours.
You recently made an assumption, or jumped to a conclusion about something.
... Only to realise that there had been a misunderstanding.
... And that was why you were embarrassed.
Your neighbours are loud/obnoxious, and sometimes get on your nerves.
You currently miss someone, at least a little bit.
That person has told you that they miss you also.
You have at least one friend who suffers from frequent migraines.
One of your friends has recently complained/vented to you about something.
You recently watched a YouTube video that made you giggle.
The last male you Facebook messaged has brown eyes.
The last female you Facebook messaged has blonde hair.
You currently can't hear any sound other than your typing.
You have added some people from Bzoink as friends on Facebook.
You're obsessed with a certain fictional character...
... And people tease you about it.
You can see a bottle of alcohol from where you are sitting.
There is a bottle of lemonade in your fridge.
There is a bottle of Coke in your fridge.
There is a bottle of sparkling water in your fridge.
You're slightly hungry at the moment.
... But it's too late to snack.
You're wearing a deep pink V-neck sweater.
You're wearing dark blue jeans/bottoms.
You're wearing a nude bra.
Your current underwear is pink.
You suspect your hair is looking a little untidy right now.
You've heard your stomach rumble at some point recently.
You need to charge the battery on your phone.
Someone close to you has a beard.
You've had a video call with someone today.
Someone you're close to is a freelance illustrator.
You're an enthusiastic reader and talk about books quite a lot.
You have at least one friend whose taste in books is similar to yours.
You also really like singing...
... And have been known to burst into song at random times.
You can see a plant from where you're sitting.
You recently got a new hat to keep your head warm.
... But you haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet. :(
You own a pair of pink slippers.
A part of your body currently itches, and it's annoying you.
You currently have a lamp switched on in the room you're in.
You currently have your heating switched on.
At least one person in your household is sleeping right now.
And you plan to sleep soon, too.
Thanks for taking. Bye :)

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