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Author: mydeadshadow
Created: May 25, 2005
Taken: 61 times
Rated: G

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bands, songs, and lyrics (over 200)

Created by mydeadshadow and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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name a lyric from each of these songs by these bands
My Chemical Romance
Give 'Em Hell, Kid:
To the End:
You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison:
I'm Not Okay:
Thank You for the Venom:
Hang 'Em High:
It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish:
Cemetary Drive:
I Never Told You What I Do For a Living:
Vampires Will Never Hurt You:
Drowning Lessons:
Our Lady of Sorrows:
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:
Demolition Lovers:
Skylines and Turnstiles:
The Used
Blue and Yellow:
Buried Myself Alive:
Greener with the Scenery:
Maybe Memories:
On My Own:
Take it Away:
I Caught Fire:
All That I've Got:
Cut Up Angels:
Yesterday's Feelings:
I'm a Fake:
The Taste of Ink:
Senses Fail
Tie Her Down:
Lady in the Blue Dress:
You're Cute When You Scream:
Buried a Lie:
Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning:
Choke on This:
Let it Enfold You:
The Irony of Dying on Your Birthday:
Angela Baker and my Obsession with Fire:
Martini Kiss:
Fall Out Boy
Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to do Today:
Grand Theft Autumn:
Chicago is so Two Years Ago:
Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song so We Wouldn't Get Sued:
Dance, Dance:
Sugar We're Goin Down:
I Slept w/Someone in FOB & all I Got was this stupid song written about me
A Little Less Sixteen Candles a Little More "Touch Me":
Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying:
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner:
Bleeding Mascara:
Right Side of the Bed:
You Eclipsed by Me:
The Crimson:
The Remberance Ballad:
Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity:
Avenged Sevenfold
Unholy Confessions:
Chapter Four:
Eternal Rest:
I Won't See You Tonight Pt. I:
I Won't See You Tonight Pt. ii:
And All Things Will End:
Desecrating Through Reverence:
Green Day
American Idiot:
Jesus of Suburbia:
Boulevard of Broken Dreams:
She's a Rebel:
Give Me Novacaine:
Wake Me Up When September Ends:
St. Jimmy:
What's Her Name:
Basket Case:
Macy's Day Parade:
Good Riddance:
Church on Sunday:
Nice Guys Finnish Last:
Hitchin a Ride:
Poprocks and Coke:
Brain Stew:
Billy Talent
This is How it Goes:
Living in the Shadows:
Try Honesty:
Line and Sinker:
The Ex:
River Below:
Standing in the Rain:
Cut the Curtains:
Prisoners of Today:
Nothing to Lose:
Voices of Violence:
A Kind of Magic:
Bohemian Rhapsody:
Under Pressure:
Hammer to Fall:
Stone Cold Crazy:
One Year of Love:
Radio Ga Ga:
I'm Going Slightly Mad:
I Want it All:
Tie Your Mother Down:
The Miracle:
These are the Days of Our Lives:
One Vision:
Keep Yourself Alive:
Who Wants to Live Forever:
The Show Must go on:
Green Day (more)
Blood, Sex, and Booze:
Fashion Victim:
Deadbeat Holiday:
Hold On:
Social Distortion
I Was Wrong:
So Far Away:
Let it be Me:
Story of my Life:
Sick Boys:
Ball and Chain:
It Coulda Been Me:
She's a Knockout:
A Place in My Heart:
Drug Train:
Pushing Through:
Fall Into Sleep:
Rain, Sun, Gone:
Forgot to Remember:
TV Radio:
All That You Are:
Pulling the String:
Somewhere Only We Know:
This is the Last Time:
Bend and Break:
We Might as Well Be Strangers:
Everybody's Changing:
Your Eyes Open:
She Has No Time:
Can't Stop Now:
Untitled 1:
The Cure
Pictures of You:
Love Song:
Last Dance:
Fascination Street:
Prayers For Rain:
The Same Deep Water as You:
Eye of the Storm
Follow You Down:
All of Us:
Hooray, It's LA:
Die Buying:
Across Waters Again:
After You're Gone:
Where the Sun Never Dies:
About a Burning Fire:
New Found Glory
My Friends Over You:
Something I Call Personality:
Head on Collision:
Forget My Name:
The Story So Far:
Forget Everything:
All Downhill From Here:
The Disaster:
Truth of My Youth:
Your Biggest Mistake:
I Don't Wanna Know:
Failure's Not Flattering:
I'd Kill to Fall Asleep:
No News is Good News:
Who am I?:
Ending in Tragedy:
Less Than Jake
She's Gonna Break Soon:
Plastic Cup Politics:
That's Why They Call it a Union:
Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker at 19:
Sleep it Off:
Last Rites to Sleepless Nights:
Bridge and Tunnel Authority:
Goodbye in Gasoline:
Jay Frenzal:
Showbiz? Science? Who Cares?:
Sobriety is a Serious Business and Business Isn't so Good:
Nine-One-One to Anyone:
Robots One, Humans Zero:
random crap...
What's your favorite band?
favorite lyric by that band?
why is that your favorite lyric?

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