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Author: E-Clay
Created: August 1, 2005
Taken: 146 times
Rated: G

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Fiction Writers Survey

Created by E-Clay and taken 146 times on Bzoink
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Favorite form of writing?
Least favorite?
Do you read poetry?
Do you write poetry?
How many times have you submitted one to a publisher?
How many times did you get in?
Favorite subject for a poem?
What kind of poem do you HATE reading?
::Short Stories
Do you read short stories often?
Do you write short stories?
Do you submit to publishers?
If so, how many got in?
What kind of stories do you love?
Which do you really hate?
Do you read Fanfiction?
Even written any?
Do you submit them to Fanfiction.net?
What rating do you usually give yours? (G, PG, etc.)
The main subject of your fanfiction?
You DO read novels, right?
Have you ever written any?
How many have you gotten published?
Do you plot them out first? Or start from scratch?
:::Character Creation
How much time do you spend on character creation?
Favorite character of yours?
What's he or she like?
Do you start a story based on an idea, or a character?
:::Writers' Web Sites - which do you frequent?
Forward Motion for Writers
Elite Skills
Fiction Press
Help a sista out. Name another one!
One more, if ya can:
What scene or piece did you really HATE to write?
Which one did you love?
Why do you write?
Who would you dedicate your bestselling work to?
Where do you go for inspiration?
Do you go to open mics or coffee shops to write?
What gets you all choked up? *sniff*
Is there a special someone that you keep catching yourself writing about?
Do you prefer a happy ending to a tragic one?
Do you think J.K. Rowling deserves her fame?
Edgar Allan Poe?
Catherine Coulter?
Nora Roberts?
Mark Twain?
Carl Weber? (If you know who that is. :D )
:::Surveys and Interactive Stories
What do you think of the 'interactive story' medium?
Do you ever read them?
Have you been to Quizilla, ever?
Do the interactive stories annoy you?
Do you ever write them?
How about surveys? I know you take them, but do you write them?
What are your favorite subjects for surveys?
What topics just piss you off?
Do you post your surveys anywhere?
Why do you take them, anyway? Bored or something?
So did you like my survey? Be honest.
...okay. Any last remarks?
G'bye, then.