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Author: ShuGThEGianT
Created: April 19, 2004
Taken: 158 times
Rated: PG

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One or the Other

Created by ShuGThEGianT and taken 158 times on Bzoink
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Choose Punks
Scarface or The Godfather
Good Guys or Bad Guys
Poetry or Paintings
Wine or Beer
Cigars or Cigarettes
Alone or With Friends
Today or Tomorrow
Love or Lust
Physical Pain or Emotional Pain
Money or Love
Kill or Be Killed
Animals or People
Black or White
Hot or Cold
Jail For Life or Death
Books or Magazines
Movies or the Theatre
House or Condo
Hawaii or California
Tall or Short
Do You Believe In.....?
Love At First Sight
Absolute Honesty

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